FAK147-Uninstall Media on 9/11

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4 thoughts on “FAK147-Uninstall Media on 9/11

  1. khammad


    Great show.

    You mentioned how your investigation of the stolen election of 2000 was dropped on account of 911. That brought up a bunch of memories from when I was worried about everything including the stolen elections.

    Florida seemed to be the lynch pin for voters that swung the election results. There were stories of how actual machines were lifted onto to truck and hauled away by men in black suburbans in small Florida towns. There were also stories of voting centers closing down early and turning hundreds of people away before they got a chance to vote. I had the names of towns in Florida all written down and was going to call residents and ask what they experienced in regards to voting. Never got around to it on account of 911. Now, as a fakeologist, I am not sure how much of those news stories were true. It seems if a story makes national and world news, the actual event is screwed up so bad that it is not even recognizable from the original or, the event was just a street play, as Chris from hoaxbusterscall.blogspot.com/ says, and was written up ahead of time, like 911.

    Could the stories of the stolen election have been on purpose as part of the total trauma package, like a one two punch? First, rip peoples democracy out from under them with a highly publicized fraudulent election that is being reported about on the evening news, day after day after day, then BAM, 911 happens, and finishes the knockout. Now, not only has your democracy been destroyed, you don’t know who to trust anymore or who to turn to for help. You have just been attacked and are on your own to fend for yourself with a complete and utter feeling of helplessness, because you can’t trust the government any more. And perhaps that feeling of helplessness that we experienced at the stolen election transferred itself to 911. The overwhelming emotions and media mind meld kept most of us from calling malarkey right away.

    If you consider how the government advertises itself as a parent figure, and how people have been taught to look to its authority to help us solve our problems (see bullying), the stolen elections are an even more devastating loss. Our parent, the government, was supposed to protect us and be there to sort this all out for us. A lot of people were left dazed and confused after 911. Could all of that trauma have been from just one event? If the fake attack on the twin towers was an event that was planned well in advance, then it would seem that the psychological intent to traumatize us was also planned well in advance. Perhaps there were a few events that were planned and executed before 911 in order that 911 would have the maximum psychologically traumatic impact on the American people.

    1. uninstall_media

      Thanks for your thoughts, K. I dig your shows. I don’t see the need to elaborate as you are so on point with what I was talking about.
      I always liked to look at the big picture. How do all these significant events relate in the context of the narrative we are fed by the media? Look at the timeline of these psyops, the bullet points. 9/11, the 2000 election, Columbine, Heaven’s Gate, X-Files, Monica Lewinsky, Oklahoma City, LA riots, Waco, Ruby Ridge, WTC ’93, Gulf War One, “Iran Contra”, Reagan assassination attempt… the list is so long I just have to stop there.

  2. uninstall_media

    Thanks again for the chat, Ab. It is nice to speak with someone about these things on such a familiar basis, without having to navigate the mental mine-field so many have in place. I am still trying to formulate a concise and effective way to explain the fakeologist perspective to someone who is unfamiliar. One point I like to mention is the fact that we can all remember people saying on 9-11 that what we were seeing “didn’t seem real”, and that “it was like a movie.” Why is it that so many of us were feeling this way? Was it part of a dissociative affect, from the trauma of believing we were watching the violent death of unknown thousands of people? Is it because the only time we have ever seen images of such destruction has been in movies? Maybe for some, it was our gut instinct trying to tell us something, but it didn’t jive with what we were being told by the media.

    I clearly remember the film Independence Day. As a 13 year old I was enthralled by the SEEMINGLY realistic depictions of all those important buildings being blown to bits by alien death rays. I also remember watching (pre-9/11) shows on the Discovery channel or TLC about controlled demolition. Buildings being destroyed just makes a good show. So in my mind I knew what a controlled demolition could reasonably be expected to look like. What I woke up to on 9/11 looked more like Independence Day than controlled demolition footage. Such a traumatizing event does not need to have perfectly believable imagery because the targets are focused on the shock and horror, not the nuances of shadows, colors and scale in images. We already had our memory banks primed with images from the sexy Hollywood version of “national landmarks” being destroyed.

    I did not intentionally neglect to answer some of your questions, but so many things were coming to mind with every one I just went with what was freshest in my mind instead of backtracking too much.
    I glossed over William Rodriguez, the man who says he was a top ranking Janitor in the towers and held a master key. Among many fantastic and heroic things he reported being in a sub-basement level during the minutes before the first strike, where they experienced an explosion (or several) coming from BELOW them before they felt the impact of “the plane”. A co-worker then emerged from an elevator badly burned with half the skin hanging off his body, obviously from the explosion…( but somehow he managed to get in the elevator and push the button to go up??)

    William Rodriguez and Charlie Sheen with the “master key”:


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