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Hide lottery winners: perfect for perps

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What would make it even easier for the hoaxsters that run the lotteries to get away with making it even easier to lie about winners? Make them anonymous. As usual, they’ve created the perfect problem, reaction, solution to make this happen. They’ve created the problem with fakery, offered up some very weak reactions, and then wam bam the solution: anonymise the winners. No need to simulate the winners or hire actors or use cgi: just say say someone one somewhere.

If you still play the lottery, then you deserve to lose your money. If you trust those that run the lotteries, then once more you need to reevaluate your position in light of the rampant fraud and fakery.

And Rich says it’s proven that when the big lotteries strike, the revenues uptick too. “There’s no doubt: When we have a big winner we sell more,” he said. “We put everywhere [that the winner’s identity will be made] public and when you win in Iowa we’re going to release your information.“It should be public knowledge. If you are a winner and don’t want the public to know, don’t play,” he said.

Source: Michigan Lottery Winners Go Into Hiding – The Daily Beast

A clearly fake victim of lottery exposure:

And a year after that Urooj Khan, a 44-year-old winner of an Illinois scratch ticket, died of cyanide poisoning before he could even cash his lump-sum check. Nobody has been charged with the crime.

Magic numbers:

The Michigan State Lottery isn’t in support of House Bill 4433, which would grant anonymity to interstate winners.

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Logical Fallacy Lesson #1

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Let’s educate ourselves. Every day or so I’ll post a logical fallacy and we’ll discuss it. This can make us better at arguing with the intelligence communities that pound us daily.

fallacy1Category: Appeal to the Mind

Appeal to Anonymous Authority

Using evidence from an unnamed ‘expert’ or ‘study’ or generalized group (like ‘scientists’) to claim something is true. eg. “They say it takes 7 years to digest chewing gum.”

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