Technocracy, Trilateral Commission and scientism

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Forget the jews, jezzies and masons: the world’s power structure is even more in plain sight. The Trilateral Commission, an intermediary of technocrats and scientists within elected governments and the world’s money, are the world. They’ve been doing so for 50-100 years, or so says this author.

Listen to these fascinating interviews. I was impressed with Patrick Wood’s very clear delivery.

John Wells has a great radio voice

Many have mulled over who (or what group) is pulling the strings of world politics and banking and nominated several suspects. Zionist, Jesuits, Bankers, Oligarchs, Communists/Socialists, The Windsors, etc. Patrick acknowledges all the aforementioned have their own power and agendas. Byt the groups at the top, play all the rest, is the Trilateral Commission with their doctrine of Technocracy.

n 1978, Wood com­menced pub­li­ca­tion of The Tri­lat­eral Observer (TO), to specif­i­cally track and doc­u­ment the activ­i­ties of The Tri­lat­eral Com­mis­sion, which was then seen to be the very core of elitism and multi-nationalism in the United States and abroad. TO was co-edited by Pro­fessor Antony Sutton, for­merly a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Insti­tu­tion for War, Peace and Rev­o­lu­tion at Stan­ford University.

Wood and Sutton co-authored two suc­ces­sive book vol­umes, Tri­lat­erals Over Wash­ington?—?Volume I and Tri­lat­erals Over Wash­ington?—?Volume II.

Tri­lat­erals Over Wash­ington quickly became a best-seller and over the course of about two years, sold over 75,000 copies inter­na­tion­ally. The books were very well received for excel­lent schol­ar­ship and orig­inal research, and even became a frequently-used text­book in polit­ical sci­ence classes at many col­leges in U.S. universities.

In his latest work, 0;Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation” traces Technocracy from it’s infancy in the 1930’s to its adoption by the Trilateral Commission whose members are found in an alarmingly high percentage of world leadership positions who seek to establish and enforce its tenets globally.

In this interview Patrick presents convincing evidence on the whos and the whys in the current world political and monetary upheaval and what are the goals. The 0;when” is obvious. It is NOW.

0;The dark horse of the is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy” – Patrick Wood

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4 thoughts on “Technocracy, Trilateral Commission and scientism

  1. LennyLeverhulme

    A real must-see.

    Thought Patrick Wood’s explanation of the role of Jews and Jesuits et al in the overall “New World Order” scheme esp insightful.

    Technocracy leaders are neither all-Jew nor all-Jesuit. Everyone, and anyone, who can further their aims is in on it.

    The techno-plutocracy — represented most openly by the Trilaterals and the UN — use any group: racial & bloodline, political and secret, banks, govts, media, whomever, to further the vision of an economic-technocratic world system run by a scientific elite. Patrick points to “humanism” (the Aldous Huxley variety) as being the paramount ideology of the Technocracy , and these “humanist” goals subsume all others, even the religious ones. That seems self-evident once it’s pointed out, and would explain why most “Jewish elites” are not actually religious, often declaring themselves “humanist”. Same for the Jesuit agenda I imagine. And why the organised Church so whole-heartedly embraces Cultural Marxism and phony environmentalism, despite these being so patently anti-Christian.

    Even mass immigration has a part to play: destroying sovereignty and the old economies of the West, hastening the day of a one-world post-capitalist, post-nation state Technocracy.

    Everything else makes better sense in this light: the surveillance society and the obsession with data collection, smart meters, Agenda 21, and yes, even the hoaxery and the media fear-porn.

    Wow! I’m gobsmacked.

    A 40 min primer on Technocracy:…

  2. MaxRatt

    Yes… Throughout my extensive investigations and research I’ve found that the “Rockefeller Camp” in cahoots with the British Royalty seem to be calling the shots (or should I say SCAMS) on Global Tyranny and its been going on for more than 100 years and obviously the European Royals have been going for a lot longer than that. They will do whatever it takes to maintain their Power Wealth and Control. Lies and Deception are the preferred tactics. Why the vast majority of the public believe and trust these inbred criminals can only be explained by media brainwashing. They have us blaming each other.. Black vs. White, Right vs. Left, Liberal vs. Conservative, Straight vs. Gay, Man vs. Woman, North vs. South, Rich vs. Poor, Jew vs. Gentile vs. Muslim vs. Mormon!! Meanwhile we’re gettin’ played by a bunch of murdering psychopathic racist criminals!! Its the TYRANTS vs. Humanity!! We’re in a War and we don’t even know who the Enemy is!!!…

  3. Daydream Believer

    I own an original copy of Trilaterals over Washington that I found at the Library discard for 50 cents. One of the most interesting connections I found in that book was that Nixon’s Commerce Sec. was Peter G. Peterson who not only was president of the CFR, ran Kuhn Loeb& Co. ( Rothschild) and was one half of the M&A mega front The Blackstone group. The Freemasonic name for the Co. is said to derive from Schwartz (Black) From Stephen Schwartzman one owner and Peter which is Stone or Rock from Peterson. This is all in the company bio. Schwartzman is Skull and Bones alum

    David Rockefeller turns 100 gives land back to Maine…

  4. Blue Moon

    My take, for what it’s worth: After the looting and mass murder of WWI, the Council on Foreign Relations was formed to reorganize American and European economies in preparation for the Great Depression and the socialism that it whelped under FDR- After the sweep and clear of WWII, The Bilderberger Group was formed to reinvest all the stolen wealth of Europe and Asia (ie, the West German economic miracle)- In the 70’s, in anticipation of change in China after Mao, and the rehabilitation of Japan and integration into the Western economy, the Trilateral Commission was formed to bring Asian markets and technology into alignment with Anglo/American/European financial goals- The bloated fat toad known as David Rockefeller sits atop this heap of dead souls as they continue unimpeded in yanking the globe shaped Earth’s chain- (No, the buck does not stop with the bloated toad- He’s just the last face we can see before the veil is drawn and the invisibles take over)
    Chris has some interesting chatter about Rockefeller chicanery on his latest call-…
    And here’s an interesting article that contrasts lunatic anti-Semitic, anti-Rockefeller propaganda with a much more plausible version of events (The Rockefellers are still shits, just Xtian shits)-…


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