Eat me

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I was telling a friend about a sign I saw at Disneyworld stating how all the cannibals were corralled on to the island of Tobago by the colonists. When looking in to it, I could not find any evidence online.

Instead, it appears this is a myth. This leads to the obvious question: is there any evidence at all of human cannibalism anywhere ever?

Cannibal stories about the Carib Indian and human cannibalism in the Caribbean are pure myth.

The rather unfortunate concept of a bloodthirsty Carib Indian not only colored future contacts, but cannibal stories made excellent political propaganda to support the enslavement of thousands of natives by the Conquistadors. Human cannibalism was sinful and therefore abhorrent to Isabella, their queen and benefactor, therefore all Caribs, or anyone labeled as such, deserved enslavement.

You will likely have seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, in which Captain Jack Sparrow is pursued by a Carib Indian tribe bent on a good meal. Such cannibal stories while entertaining belong in works of fiction and Disney movies. Unfortunately however, they are misleading and continue to perpetuate the fabricated European myth of human cannibalism in the Caribbean.

Once more we see Disney front and centre of the myth making business. Who are their biggest customers? Our youth. What better group to target when shaping our future culture?

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7 thoughts on “Eat me

  1. Vespadouglas

    I was taught this nonsense at school forty years ago and it was taught as a genuine event.…

    That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if the occasional ritual consumption of a recently departed “elder” or a stillborn infant or suchlike, was witnessed by the ” white man” somewhere in a deep pocket
    , where many isolated ” people’s ” were found.

  2. xileffilex

    Vexman, who was jettisoned from CF in the Miles Mathis thread “clearout”, has recently started a blog and has investigated, most welcome, the highly fake sounding 1972 Uruguyan air crash.…

    Worth a read, although with hindsight, this events looks astonishingly fake. I;m glad someone has put it under the fakeologist microscope however. Personally, the numbers don’t interest me, but the imagery does.

  3. LennyLeverhulme

    Yes, I’ll file “cannibals” along with “head transplants” and “brontosaurus burgers”…

  4. MaxRatt

    Yes… The Idea of Cannibalism is used regularly as a scare tactic. I guess someone did a focus group on it a long time ago and concluded its a sure fire “fear button” to push on ignorant Anglos.

  5. UNreal

    the idea of cannibalism being over-rated and used for scaremongering seems plausible,,,

    as we have seen many plane-crashes being staged, the friday 13th “Andes flight disaster” in 1972 on the border between Chile and Argentina comes to mind as an event mixing a plane crash & cannibalism,,, maybe too much on the plate here ?


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