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KHA37-K Ham Radio – Peekay

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Date: May 28, 2015

Guest: Peekay from Peekay22 and now PeekayBoston


Kay and Peekay talk about the continuing drama which is the Boston Bombing. New stories are still coming out daily. Also discussed is a little bit of 911, Taiwan Plane Crash, and Sandy Hook.

Delcroix joins us for a discussion on the role of media in the necessary psychological programming by the state.

Sandy Hook CGI Blurry Face


Sandy Hook CGI Face Distortion


Sandy Hook CGI Solid Colored Hands


For a deeper look, view the initial video Sandy Hook CGI Solid Colored Hands youtu.be/1WejNiyQjn0

*Thank you to Delcroix for producing K Ham Radio episode 37.

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Troll factories

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I’m anxiously awaiting when we can meet the US PsyOp trolls, or should I say MISO divisions. I wonder what they pay, or if they contract out like almost every other North American business.

Deep inside a four-storey marble building in St. Petersburg, hundreds of workers tap away at computers on the frontlines of an information war, say those who have been inside.Known as “Kremlin trolls,” the men and women work 12-hour shifts around the clock, flooding the Internet with propaganda aimed at stamping President Vladimir Putin’s world vision on Russia, and the world.

Source: Meet the ‘Kremlin trolls’, the humans behind Putin’s propaganda machinery | Toronto Star

Between 2010 and 2014, PSYOP was renamed Military Information Support Operations (MISO), then briefly renamed PSYOP in Aug 2014, only to return to MISO shortly thereafter in 2015 indicative of the highly ambiguous nature of the community. [4] [5]

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Crap science > Junk science > Hoaxes

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Most people can believe the small hoaxes, since they are apparently so easy to pull off. They’re so easy when it comes to food studies that most ignore them now. Sadly, it gives most permission to continue their bad eating habits.

I studied and trumpeted junk science long before I researched 9/11. I too never thought one could pull off such a big hoax, but now I know it may be even easier — as long as you control a few key players. That’s all it takes (Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Aaron Brown – I’m looking at you perps!)

This spring, the journal International Archives of Medicine published a delicious new study: according to researchers at Germany’s Institute of Diet and Health, people who ate dark chocolate while dieting lost more weight.The media coverage was instantaneous and jubilant.“Scientists say eating chocolate can help you lose weight” read a headline in the Irish Examiner.“Excellent news: chocolate can help you lose weight!” Huffington Post India boasted.“Dieting? Don’t forget the chocolate” announced Modern Healthcare.It was unbelievable news. And reporters shouldn’t have believed it.

Source: How media swallowed a study about chocolate that was too good to be true | Toronto Star

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Logical Fallacy Lesson #3

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Category: Faulty Deduction

Anecdotal Evidence


Discounting evidence arrived at by systematic search or testing in favor of a few firsthand stories.

“I’m going to carry on smoking. My grandfather smoked 40 a day and he lived until he was 90!”

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