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Date: May 28, 2015

Guest: Peekay from Peekay22 and now PeekayBoston


Kay and Peekay talk about the continuing drama which is the Boston Bombing. New stories are still coming out daily. Also discussed is a little bit of 911, Taiwan Plane Crash, and Sandy Hook.

Delcroix joins us for a discussion on the role of media in the necessary psychological programming by the state.

CGI Blurry Face…

CGI Face Distortion…

CGI Solid Colored Hands…

For a deeper look, view the initial video CGI Solid Colored Hands

*Thank you to Delcroix for producing K Ham Radio episode 37.

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5 thoughts on “KHA37-K Ham Radio – Peekay

  1. Thereason

    Nice Interview Kham, I like Peekay’s work also Xileffilex but have no doubt in my mind, that he uses part truths to direct his audience back into la la land, he promotes that the powers that be, have Technology so advanced that they are 100 years ahead, also dirty weapons and dustification terms was used to describe the demolition on the towers. Peekay is also laying the blame at Israel’s door, and is Alex Jones dramatising about the Fema camps and the Coffins Mentioning David Icke and promoting Deepwithintherabbithole was the kiss of death for me….Sorry !!

  2. xileffilex

    Thanks for interviewing Peekay, Kham. That was a great exchange. I think he’s right on side and passionate and have I been following him for a while. I don’t think he’s studied 9/11 very deeply – it is a really huge subject and difficult to bring yourself up to speed when coming to it late as I myself did. Peekay’s work on Boston and more recent hoaxes has been first class.


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