Wake up stories from Down Under

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John’s a great talker, and a budding fakeologist Down Under. I like his 0;raw” format on his Sunday Sessions. Give it a listen.

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4 thoughts on “Wake up stories from Down Under

  1. Thereason

    The first guest, Mezz who states she is “Completely awake” and she follows Russell controlled opposition Brand..!!!???

    1. LennyLeverhulme

      I know. But the thing about John is that he has people on with all shades of opinion and somehow manages to expose them to more radical ideas without pissing them off. I wish I had that happy knack.

      1. Videre

        Catchin’ your pitch here Lenny. 🙂
        Give me an example of “radical”. lol~
        I enjoy John as well. Can you suggest a good show where he does that?
        Unlike many of my fakeologist friends, I find my time limited for listening to shows.
        Please feel free to recommend some goodies.


        1. LennyLeverhulme

          Haha. Yeah well “radical” is relative. Some guests think the Moon landings, nukes, and Osama sim Laden are legit so for these guys even fakeology-lite is pretty radical, if not outright heretical.

          I started listening through the fake Sydney siege last year and was just so happy to hear Australians talking sense. Joyous even.

          Back to where it all began…from about the 28 minute mark:


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