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Chemtrails are airborne waste dumps

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I get poked about chemtrails many  times,  but I really am not avoiding the topic for any particular reason other than I don’t see them as anything other than contrails. Iff I had to pick a reason behind them iff they are not contrails, then I think the KISS principle applies to Miles’ explanation here.

Other tidbits include good jabs at Fetzer, Goldbug and other confusion and disinformation.

H/T Blue Moon

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Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon

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I always enjoy Dave McGowan’s radio interviews (even if he doesn’t quite agree/get my 9/11 ideas) — let’s hope (if he is really sick) for a quick recovery.

First of all, I can’t thank everyone enough for the generous outpouring of support and concern. Some of the advice though, while undoubtedly offered with good intent, would almost certainly cost me my life. Small-cell lung cancer, a relatively rare form of lung cancer, is seriously aggressive in that it multiplies much faster and spreads much quicker than other forms. In my case, it had spread to my liver and throughout my bones before I experienced any significant symptoms. Once discovered, if not treated

Source: Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon

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Your culture is created

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John Adams from hoaxbusterscall.com letting us know how our thoughts and talking points are not our own.

Do we need any more proof than this viral cover of a non-issue super distraction?

John is emerging as a younger, more hip version of Alan Watt.

LFR SHOW 26 Join GK and John Adams as they discuss the idea of culture creation, with a particular focus on marriage and the family. How did we go from a family-based society to one of hedonism? What is the relationship between abortion and eugenics? Did this all just happen or is it all part of some larger scheme? Our thanks to Brian Day and Acrolith for the closing track “When The Claws Come Out”. Show date: 21 March 2015 | Download | LFR Index | Tweet

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