Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon

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I always enjoy Dave McGowan’s radio interviews (even if he doesn’t quite agree/get my ideas) — let’s hope (if he is really sick) for a quick recovery.

First of all, I can’t thank everyone enough for the generous outpouring of support and concern. Some of the advice though, while undoubtedly offered with good intent, would almost certainly cost me my life. Small-cell lung cancer, a relatively rare form of lung cancer, is seriously aggressive in that it multiplies much faster and spreads much quicker than other forms. In my case, it had spread to my liver and throughout my bones before I experienced any significant symptoms. Once discovered, if not treated

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5 thoughts on “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon

  1. Daydream Believer

    Bummer about Dave. I’ve talked to Dave for a few years now. I sent him some information he used in Weird Scenes. I used to live a mile away from where he told me he lives. About 2 months ago I asked him for another interview and he said he was not feeling well enough to do it. Hopefully he gets better. Even if you don’t agree with his ultimate conclusions, his books still have a lot of great information and his interviews are interesting as well.

  2. babette

    I’ve been a fan of Dave’s since the early days. I admired his work and bought his books. The news of his illness affected me as it would have were he an old friend. Let’s pray he makes it.

  3. Blue Moon

    McGowan writes very well on his FB page for someone in his condition- I believe he was in construction and that’s a toxic occupation- Whatever he has, that ends the book tour and podcasts- Did “they” do him in? Or is he a very sophisticated disinfo artist who has fallen prey to the spreading popularity of Miles Mathis who has exposed McGowan’s faults and therefore, without compelling counterpoint to Mathis (who just poo poo’d McGowan in a recent essay) are “they” retiring this persona?
    Now we wait to see if there is another shoe to drop regarding Miles…

    1. richard benedict

      I am convinced Dave McGowan is a real person. I can’t say the same thing about Miles. Mr. McGowan and his family are enduring a private set of circumstances no would want. Accordingly, I think it behooves us to treat him and his family with the respect and dignity they deserve . As someone who has followed his work since Programmed to Kill was published, I know he was a smoker. I have disagreed with many aspects of McGowan’s work, but for my money he got into the conspiracy racket for same reason we all have. In doing so, perhaps he revealed what some people would regard as flaws. In that respect, he is no different than any one of us.

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