Rand corporation and psyops

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John and Chris dig into the Rand Corporation and their role in creating events and ideas that help shape the herd (the new Jesuits). They are directly plugged into the intelligence and defence industry, the key industry of USA LLC.

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8 thoughts on “Rand corporation and psyops

  1. Hoi Polloi

    After what Simon and I found out about the MITRE corporation (RAND/CIA’s “technical” arm – our findings about which you can read here: septemberclues.info/historical… ) and the number of dubious faces put up as its “employees” it’s hard to ignore the extremely deceptive way these things are run, or how connected they are to PsyOps.

    If you can find any clues at all, and it points to a group, that’s definitely something worth snooping out. Beware the fake employees and cardboard cut-out people they put up. They may have familiar “family” names (Faga, Kerr, etc.) but I doubt they are entirely free of the name-changing tendencies of our world’s human ticks. (I honestly have not listened to this show yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Just wanted to confirm that other researchers have also been looking in this RAND/MITRE/CIA direction.)

  2. Master of None

    Hello, Thanks for this show Chris and John. I think you are correct. You can use the interview time to convince your subject (probably not very likely) or create an atmosphere where they are comfortable speaking without self-censoring. I think we learn more with the latter.

    1. Daydream Believer

      Jack of all Trades, you’re welcome for the call thank you for listening I appreciate the response and taking time to comment.

  3. LennyLeverhulme

    John, I thought you did a splendid job of picking the man’s brains for all he had, without getting into a row over the Cold War. Many times I’ve heard interviewers seeks to proselytise the interviewees with their unorthodox ideas — invariably, it’s to no avail, and always makes bad radio. Cheers.

  4. Daydream Believer

    Respectfully Dereal. I don’t view our interviews as having missed opportunities when it comes to what you are talking about say Jesuits or any other NWO faction. Although I listen back and wish I had done something better, there are could’ve should’ve would’ves but didn’t s every time it is hard to try to get everything out that you want to say even if you have notes. The gentleman we were speaking with was a mainline liberal democrat type who believed the cold war and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was real. To suggest to him that Jesuits still run things would not make it very far in a conversation, although I must admit his constant use of the Jesuits as comparison to RAND made me wonder if it was a Tell. I really only get these guys on to talk about the information that they have found and then we can analyze it from our perspective. As far as Pearse Redmond goes, once again he thought people died at the Boston Bombing what would be the point of bringing up who’s who in the power structure? Jesuits for sure run the CIA or should we say the Knights of Malta , Hospitaler, St. John whatever you want to call them. It’s interesting how life long company man E. Howard Hunt named his son St. John. Anyways I appreciate the critique as well. Thanks.

    1. derealium

      Reasonable response.
      I don’t have the patience for people who dance around what we see as the obvious case of a psyop, psychological, not real.

      This is what you’re going to continue to run into if you reach into the wasteland of published authors and half-truthers. Whether they avoid the truth to keep their audience of limited awareness or if they are controlled, I don’t know but it’s a hard listen for me, and since this topic the Cold War guy has made his case.

  5. derealium

    Good to see you willing to say the magickal J word.

    These guys missed the opportunity every time. Like when they talked to the guy who thinks the Boston Bombing was real but talks about how the CIA is so influential in Hollywood. Somehow, they totally missed who consistently runs the CIA.


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