KHA38-David vs. Hoi Polloi on the 9/11 vicsims

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Date: June 4, 2015

Guest: Hoi Polloi, David Weiss, Delcroix, Brizer

All in 1 Audio:


3 PART Audio

PART 1 – K reads through Abs posts


PART 2 – David Weiss joins us



PART 3 – Hoi and K discuss reality versus research.


K Ham Radio episode 38 has David Weiss as a guest in part 2 of the show.  David tells us about his experiences on 911.  They are quite spectacular.  From Connecticut across the water from New York,  David witnessed one of the towers disappear just like the video from that day, knew firemen who died, knew firemen who stood on the debris pile, and had an appointment in one of the towers days before. You can see why his claims are of such interest, the mere proportion of his experiences compared to most New Yorkers is astounding, at least 3 standard deviations from the mean.

PART 1, Kay takes a walk through and reads a few of Abs posts.  Of particular interest is the post titled Your Culture is Created, highlighting the recent coming out of Bruce Jenner as a female.  There appears to be a Gay Agenda, which is evident by the disproportionate amount of gay portrayals/discussions in the media as well as legislation compared to society at large. It is my personal belief that loving and nurturing relationships should be the goal of all adults, regardless of who one loves, including people who practice a gay lifestyle, are born gay or are just experimenting. Homosexuality is a mystery to many straight people so the media and government is where people go to get their information. The problem is that all the information put out by the media and government is specifically framed around issues that divide us. Is the Gay Agenda a natural outcropping of citizen concern?

Perhaps the Gay Agenda is a purposeful campaign for the following outcomes: to divide the people further into groups and therefore isolation and for the state to convince gays they need protection.   The pattern that I see is that after any group seeks protection from the state, by changing laws for instance, then they feel they owe a debt of gratitude to the state, all this is on the subconscious level, of course. The result is that the state has just secured loyal supporters. Would gay marriage legislation have been drafted in any state if it were not for the support and endorsement by a huge percentage of the media?

As I see it, going against gay marriage is just the flip side of the same coin that the government and media tossed us. We are still participating in THEIR debate.

Another type of debate is about directed energy weapons. Hoi Polloi joins us at this point and we have talk about if they real or just a ruse to lead serious researchers away from the truth. We also discuss the 911 and how to find the truth about it all.

PART 2, David Weiss joins us from DeepInsideTheRabbitSo  and tell us of his personal experience with the twin towers. Concerning the 911 event, many fakeologists believe that much of the video footage has proven to be severely digitally manipulated.  As well, it appears that all of the tv stations played the exact same footage, even though they said they were using different cameras.  There are several other reasons to believe that much of the tv footage was made ahead of the 911 event. Go to and look around.  It’s all resourced there.

After the 1993 basement parking garage truck bomb supposedly went off in the north tower, we have found evidence that the towers were not occupied by businesses, but instead were just mail drops for companies to get come instant clout. In the research is the fact that companies that had offices in the twin towers also had larger offices elsewhere. We have evidence that lower Manhattan was closed off for a fema drill that day of 911, so NO ONE was on their way to work. We have evidence that no one saw the towers fall because of a military grade smoke screen. We DON’T have evidence of any fancy weapons so conventional weapons were most likely used on that day, meaning, like in any building demolition, there was a coordinated safety zone.  No one knows what the debris pile looks like because no photographic evidence can be trusted, too many fakes out there.  If firemen were on the debris pile, then they were part of the deception, as this is what our evidence is pointing to. The testimony of people who are part of the must be taken as suspect, because it is their duty to deceive.  But we can wade through this mess. It is sunny on the other side.

PART 3, 6/8/15 After a few days of reflection, Hoi and Kay have a candid conversation about their feelings concerning the interview with David Weiss.  There will be no ad hominem attacks here, but serious queries about how the reality of our research matches up to other peoples stories.  When stories are not reconciling, are there patterns to look for in the people telling them? How strong is that pattern? Our goal should be to clear up our thinking so that we have better discernment of truth. What appears to be true is that there are simulated victims, or the vicsims. Hoi has some fascinating things to say about the Vicsim report, you are in for a treat.



*Thank you to Delcroix for producing K Ham Radio #38


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14 thoughts on “KHA38-David vs. Hoi Polloi on the 9/11 vicsims

  1. uninstall_media

    Great broadcast! I really tried to give the guest an unbiased hearing but he put his foot in his mouth so many times it didn’t take long for the old b.s. detector to redline. It starts to seem like a classic case of someone saying a lot, while actually saying nothing of substance when it comes to the facts of 9/11. Do they teach this technique openly when you “study neurolinguistics” at University? Or is it something you just pick up along the way by osmosis..
    Interesting that he mentioned Gathering of the Vibes festival. Events like this are very profitable for the maifia-esque class of promoters who organize them. They are also perfect petri dishes for social engineering, massive illegal drug distribution, and outright mind control experiments.

  2. wanda

    I am only one third the way through… excellent prompts and questions. I would have completely lost it with the guy at the part when he said it happened really fast. I can tell you from personal experience… witnessing a thing like that… with the shock and disbelief and trauma, it would have been like one of those slow motion playbacks. It didn’t come down in a flash for me when i watched it on TV. I am certain the media will make this fraud sound like he farts rainbows. I’m biting my tongue Ab.

    Speaking of the enemy within… i just saw this on a friend’s FB page:

    Leisa XXXXX SXXXt: Regardless what you believe, have verified, who’s doing what….so on and so forth….NOT everything is a lie or a hoax…dear God Dani…we can’t base our entire lives on lies, hoaxes etc. Some people still believe in truth! Some people still rely on trust. If we all believed like that I’d be a hoax a psuedonym perpetuated by lies. Breathe a little….relax. The world is not out to get you…I promise.


    Wanda’s response:
    Leisa… are you saying you don’t believe these a$$tro-nots are still alive and where they work and live is not a reality? Did you even click on the link… it is genuine information. You are aware NASA never sent men the moon, right? You act like Dani is the one doing something wrong… what the hell is that??!!!!

  3. UNreal

    As far as witnesses goes, we should have a couple of thousands people that actually worked in the towers, but these people are strangely missing, all we got is hearsay from entities without any consistency or factual evidence. Maybe we should just let them dustify in peace?

    Otherwise, David Weiss is a patient man to struggle to the extent he does based on such a lacking memory and small photo-collection. His accent reminded me of many “newyokers” that have been sent our way,,

  4. Jack33

    Enjoyed the show.

    Hoi makes a good point when he mentions the ’emotional barrier’ that these people who claim to have lost ones hide behind.

    What better way to shield yourself and your phoney story from scrutiny, than by refusing to talking about it. Couple that with the demonization of anyone who dares to question any of it, and it become the accepted truth.

    Anyone who believes any part of that guy’s story needs to get their head examined.
    Hoi did a masterful job ripping his paper thin story to shreds with a few simple questions.

    Great job!


    1. ab

      Hoi I think having David on was worthwhile. Fakeologist level researchers are on your side and enjoy this high level of deception analysis. You are questioning what could be the highest level of this psyop, and very few could handle it. The vicsim report is the most import key of the 9/11 lock, and as key master, you are uniquely qualified to defeat the final gatekeepers. Bring on the next gatekeeper (if the last guest was indeed one).

      1. khammad Post author

        Ab, kudos on how you phrased this sentence:

        “You are questioning what could be the highest level of this psyop, and very few could handle it.”

        Agreed. There are many techniques to take questioners off-topic, but Hoi did not fall for any of them. Hoi stayed true to his purpose, which is to concentrate on the information and not the personality. This style of interviewing gets right to the heart of the matter which is this: are claims made by people who say they witnessed 911 true or false and are claims made by people who say they know people who died on 911 true or false.

        It is a fairly simple process to vet peoples claims. One only has to match their story with known facts about the day of 911 and about the vicsims. The trick is staying true to the questioning. Note to self, remember this technique for future interviews. Thanks Hoi.

  5. aralsea

    Re: the last hour with Hoi Polloi.

    I’m supposing that he wants some sort of vetting procedure to make sure people are “qualified” to participate in Fakeology kind of stuff.

    1. smj

      there’s no point in getting worked up over the hustle. they are fuckin’ with us. do you remember the hero in the red bandana’s name?

      welles is probably a very common name amongst your occultic, fabian types; and why wouldn’t they be involved in the hustle?

    2. Hoi Polloi

      Hmm, “working” for a celebrity-worshiping photo smudger in DC. I wonder how that could be connected to a circle of PsyOp writers. It isn’t as if photography is used in any of these deceptions.

      Interesting find.

  6. Henkus

    This maybe a premature response but I will do it anyway!

    A whole new K-ham, three parts even.
    Looks like a whole lot of information to digest. Love the long podcasts.
    Still downloading but can’t wait…

    K’s podcasts may even be better than Ab his original show.
    He better be carefull K doesn’t take over this whole website!


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