FCC-June 12, 2015 w/Ab and John Adams

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John and I chat about , nuclear energy, WTC 2 and its stairway to WTC 1, freemasonry


You too can join in: go to fakeologist.com/cc and watch that chat.fakeologist.com for start times. All you need is a voice and a phone.


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7 thoughts on “FCC-June 12, 2015 w/Ab and John Adams

  1. derealium

    Enjoying these afternoon commute sessions on fakeologist. Seems Ab has many topics in mind and John has plenty of knowledge and opinions to share. All recorded in a short timespan.

    1. derealium

      The premise presented is that we are being programmed…to avoid getting married, or to be gay/asexual.
      Well, my natural programming made me desire women, no holds barred. Only you can make all this world seem right…bullshit.

      I’d never be interested in homosexuality. I’d need reprogramming for that. I’d also need reprogramming to be satisfied with one woman, ring ritual and all.

    2. derealium

      John, I really liked your Gerald Celente and Jesse the Body wasn’t too bad either.

      Just for fakeologist, Ab being the Fetzer fan that he is, you must perfect the Jim Fetzer voice and conversation domination.

      1. Daydream Believer

        Thanks. They need some work, but I have plans future plans for them as well. I will have to go listen to Fetzer I have not heard his voice for a long time. Luckily we are not doing video so I won’t have to put on a fat suit and fake sideburns.
        How about a parody of Fetzer is really Elvis in stage makeup over his own stage makeup? Maybe not.

  2. derealium

    The ill-luminated wish they had as much programming power as your wives. Maybe you were programmed to tie yourselves to one woman, like the Cleavers, or even worse, find yourself another life-mate after the 50% statistic held true and take care of her babies from another daddy like the Brady Bunch.

    Maybe we would naturally live in a commune and swing about to and fro. I know what my instincts tell me, and obviously the programming is against my instincts to mate’em’all. just bloviating. I’m building a model-scale tower of babel.

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