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Self Authenticating Evidentiary Basis

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Who needs an investigation when the photos verify the movies verify the other photos etc? Create a self-referencing group of fake witnesses and media fakery and you have the perfect crime!

Like 9/11, the media creates the “crime” and then creates the follow up story. No real justice is needed since no real event occurred.


The JFK IMAGERY HOAX – a ‘9/11 template’ ?
a brief, no-nonsense reality check of the JFK murder narrative

Alright, so I have been diligently studying the JFK case lately and, specifically, scrutinizing and cataloging the available ‘JFK murder in Dealey Plaza’ imagery. Well, not ALL of it (yet), but a pretty sizeable bunch of it. It has been a truly fascinating journey – trudging around the labyrinth made up of countless websites dealing with the JFK event. The plethora of diverging theories around this (utterly unsolved) case must be the most mind-numbing roller-coaster you’d EVER wanna ride! So be warned – and think twice before plunging into the JFK ‘conspiracy spiderweb’ – as I just did. It is a VERY time-consuming affair ! :lol:

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Nukes to Star Wars

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He never mentions Star Wars or SDI in this speech,  but it’s amusing that he wants the nuclear scientists to switch over to defending the earth via his new space weapons program.  Who better to pull off the next hoax?

Amusing to watch videos of one of our best actors in chief.

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