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  1. John le Bon

    Some good sleuthing in here, well done to KHam and Lenny.

    I have told David directly that I don’t believe his friends died on 9/11, not only because I don’t believe any regular people died on 9/11, but also because the account he gave when questioned by Hoi was rather unconvincing. That photo of his friend is an abomination.

    While I fully understand the fakeologist/cluesforum crew using this interview as ‘case closed’ evidence on David and his motivations, my position is different. I don’t pretend to understand the Jewish community in New York and I wonder if David is somewhat limited in what he can say on matters like this. If you take the time to listen to his show Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole you will notice that he openly questions (and even ridicules) the ‘Six Million’ figure, much to the apparent chagrin of his Jewish co-hosts. How far can he push the fakery narrative regarding 9/11, a hoax event which we all know involved the complicity of (and led to direct gain for) not only prominent Jewish individuals but the greater Zionist cabal? Can he really speak entirely openly about the event without risking ostracism from his community?

    It would be easy to accuse me of being biased due to my work with David on the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable, and perhaps I am biased. But I am not personally going to close the book on him based solely on his views on 9/11 or his performance with KHam and Hoi, no matter how absurd they seem to me.

    1. LennyLeverhulme

      Fair enough John.

      My problem with David is that I don’t believe the contradictions in his 911 account can be easily justified in terms of a moral/personal dilemma.

      If such a dilemma existed, and David truly was an honest broker, then it would be far better for him to remain silent on the subject, and avoid the problem entirely. Instead he chooses to propagate a tall tale. Why? If it’s the case that his tribal loyalties trump his search for ‘truth’, then how seriously should I take him?

      Also, when one considers that the Zoldans are ultimately behind DITRH — them coming from the same high-flying Jewish media milieu as Steve Rosenbaum, custodian of the fake 911 footage — while at the same time David is busily promoting Judy Wood’s fantasies, then yikes! Way too many cons for my liking. But that’s just me.

      Having said all that, I really enjoyed your first Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable show with the gentleman in question, and always look forward to the ARP.

      Cheers m8!

      1. John le Bon

        Thanks for the reply, Lenny, and like I said, I don’t blame Fakeologists or Cluesforumists for dismissing David given his claims. If there are two places on the net where you ought to know not to say you had friends involved in 911 unless you can prove it, these are the places.

        The Judy Wood angle is one I still have to look into. Based on what I have heard from fakeologist/cluesforum it seems like she is no good, but I will not cast judgement until I have spent time listening to her lectures and judging for myself. I haven’t gotten around to doing so yet and might not for some time, as 9/11 is not near the top of my priorities list when it comes to research. If and when I do look into Dr Wood more closely, and I come to the conclusion that she is blatant disinfo (which seems likely given what I have heard/read second-hand), then I will naturally bring the matter up with David myself.

        Good to see you still doing your work here at Fakeologist, Lenny. Hope to see you in the chat on Sunday. Take care.

  2. LennyLeverhulme

    Mark Walsh here prominently lists both Ari Zoldan and Steve Rosenbaum as two of his Facebook Friends on his AboutMe site, top of the page.

    Is this the same Mark “Psycho” Walsh — the infamous Harley guy — we all know and love?

  3. LennyLeverhulme

    Well done K!

    Further to your sleuthing, I looked to see if there was any connection between Steve Rosenbaum (owner of Camera Planet 911 Archive: the repository of all the fake 911 amateur footage) and the Zoldans. Found one very intimate degrees of separation, so far.

    Here Ari Zoldan, CEO of Quantum Networks, talks about “Understanding Wi-fi Broadband” with Shelly Palmer on “Live Digital with Shelly Palmer” published by the Huffington Post on March 12, 2012.

    Here is Steve Rosenbaum (as CEO of magnify.net) discussing “Digital Access for the Poor” with Shelly Palmer on “Live Digital with Shelly Palmer” also published by the Huffington Post on March 12, 2012.

    Ari and Steve: same day, same programme, same host.

    David Weiss, any comments?

    1. khammad

      Great find Len.

      Hey, did you notice that on Mark Walsh’s about.me page, the background is an image that includes a star trail.

      Interesting how the flat earth meme has even invaded Mark Walsh’s about.me page. The reason the star trail image is important is because it is one the unique unforgettable pieces of imagery involved in the flat earth debate. One is reminded at least subconsciously of the flat earth meme. Could the use of the star trail be coincidence? Probably not, imho.

      1. LennyLeverhulme

        Haha. Didn’t notice. Might be a funny coincidence. Hard to know.

        What I do think though is, the more you dig into these people and their tall stories the same names and faces keep turning up. All Jewish ones at front-of-house I must say.

        You know, on first listen to your great podcast I was almost willing David Weiss’s story to be true: I think mainly because of his voice and clever presentation which worked some kind of emotional spell on me. I almost felt embarrassed when Hoi kept pressing him for details. Silly me.

        Spell now broken. Cheers guys.

  4. khammad

    There is a correction to my post below. The studio where David Weiss does his comedy show is called StandUpNYLabs.com., not Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole. Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole is the name of the video show, which is also called a podcast, that David Weiss does with Mike Cannon and the Liberty Men.

  5. khammad

    There are some pretty interesting connections here.

    The studio where David Weiss does his comedy show is called Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole (the same name as his website) is hosted through StandUpNYlabs.com, which seems to have a permanent spot on the DailyMotion website. When you click on the link, notice all the other videos DailyMotion hosts by Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole. DailyMotion is a pretty sweet support structure and advertiser getting out David’s message.


    Why is the DailyMotion.com, an english speaking website registered in France?


    Now let’s look at who owns StandUpNYlabs.com where David does his shows with two other comedians.


    No anonymous owners here. Dani Zoldan is the proud owner of StandUpNYlabs.com

    The Zoldan’s comes from a well-to-do and well-placed family. Dani also has a brother throwing him a few bones. The most powerful and connected brother is Ari Zoldan.


    “Ari Zoldan also holds press credentials for the United Nations, the US Senate and House of Representatives, contributes to a Washington, D.C. newswire called Talk Radio News Service, and to national news outlets.”

    Ari Zoldan is also Silicon Valley venture capitalist. There is a lot of evidence out there to show that a large portion of Silicon Valley venture capitalists are really covert lettered agencies from the get-go. I think we can put an end to David Weiss being a natural born truther. These connections should make it clear that the message David Weiss is spreading has the full backing of mainstream media moguls.

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