FCC-Afternoon commute with John Adams

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When? June 15, 2015

John and Ab talk about Ab’s recent post on initiation and the power structure.

Please join in at fakeologist.com/cc at 1630 EDT most afternoons. All you need is a phone.


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2 thoughts on “FCC-Afternoon commute with John Adams

  1. derealium

    In the next drive home episode, all in good fun, we will talk about how most men don’t outwardly oppose the agendas of their masters because they are too busy trying to avoid fighting with their incompatible wife and changing diapers.

    The family man rarely awakens to anything but yellow diarrhea.

    1. Daydream Believer

      That is why I look forward to a future of socially acceptable Adult Diapers. The yellow diarrhea is usually mine from eating bags upon bags of Hot Cheetos and then passing out. That’s part of the Weston Price diet I believe…….J/K

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