Looking into Masonic secrets

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A real (one) eye opener into the rites and rituals of masonry.

I always suspected that masonry was the exact opposite of true Christianity. Does that make it satanic and evil? I suppose if you’re a Christian it might.

I’m more interested in those that can rule over our lives being sworn by death into secret societies.  This certainly helps answer the question that comes up with 0;how can so many keep a secret?”

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1 thought on “Looking into Masonic secrets

  1. Master of None

    Thanks to whoever found this video.

    I have never been very interested in the nitty gritty details of Masonry- I don’t discount it’s possible impact or influence, but it’s not ever been a topic I felt drawn to research on my own. Perhaps because I was a Job’s Daughter for a couple of years (maybe age 13-14?) before moving away from my home town.

    Even though I was a very curious kid, who would normally find a secret organization interesting, it was in fact very, very boring in practice. I wonder if that is intentional, as our interest isn’t necessary for them to achieve their objective, just our participation.

    I dreaded the meetings and loathed the memorization. It seemed so nonsensical, despite the secrecy, clothing, memorized passages, the floor walking sequences and routines, special knocks, etc. Our meetings were very similar to these Masonic meeting videos. Now I have a renewed interest in the motivation behind having young girls participate in this.

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