‘I blinked and he was gone’

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I couldn’t have written this headline better than the propagandists: please watch this series of 0;news” videos and tell me if you see a real grieving girlfriend or a grade “C” actor. I see the latter, and also see that she’s wearing the guilty cruise line’s jacket.

The family of a London, Ont. lifeguard is seeking answers after he fell off a cruise boat in Lake Ontario over the weekend.

Source: ‘I blinked and he was gone’: Lifeguard missing after falling overboard | CTV Toronto News

There are many bike and boat stories in the media, which one would expect in the warmer months. Sorting out which ones are real and which are noble lies and staged drills isn’t as hard as one might think.

Friends told CTV News that Keith White, 34, had flown to Toronto from London, Ont. with his girlfriend and another couple, and went on a lake cruise to 0;kick off the summer.”

Another oddity among so many: it’s a 160km drive. Flying would cost 10-20x the price of driving for two. Is he an investment executive as well as lifeguard?

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