FCC-Afternoon commute with John Adams

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John and I continue our conversation on everything fakeologist.


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9 thoughts on “FCC-Afternoon commute with John Adams

  1. Daydream Believer

    Hey K, Master of None, I am glad you enjoyed the Diet / Nutrition discussion of our call. I own many books on nutrition including Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions, Ramel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay Naturally, Nancy Deville’s Death by Supermarket and an oldie but a goodie Let’s Get Well by Adele Davis. I have found going from Fast Food eater to vegetarian to wholesome food eater that I feel much better eating meat drinking raw milk ,eating Eggs Raw Butter Cheese (Gouda and Brie especially) and eating less fruit and literally regardless of weather, just being outside more. It makes for feeling better all around. I won’t divulge too much info but I have a family member who’s teeth were brown and chipped and through following the Price/ Nagel model their teeth have improved dramatically.

    If you have not heard Chris and I interviewing Nancy Deville here it is, you may find it interesting. Thanks!

  2. Master of None

    Hello K and all,

    Here are some I found interesting, search these YouTube titles:

    The Greatest American Lies – The Oiling of America and Heart Disease

    Nourishing Traditional Diets – Sally Fallon – full DVD

    Another note, my understanding is that Dr. Ray Peat is a proponent of real (organic, ripe, locally-grown fruit) because it provides enzymes necessary for digestion, especially as you age and your gut flora and gastric acid are less robust.

  3. Master of None

    So many great topics in this show and so many times I wanted to comment.

    I will however limit it to this. Regarding anti-nutrients in grains and produce… Check out Dr. Ray Peat, who writes extensively about how some raw veggies make things like under-active thyroid even worse because your body must use more of its own nutritional stores to digest many of the raw foods we eat thinking they are nutrient rich.

    He also talks a lot about PUFAs, the bad oils in plant material! Both of these topics are something I only discovered in the last few years, despite lots and lots of personal research and when I did stumble across it, really blew my mind.

    I would also recommend the Westin A. Price foundation. By giving my elderly dog home-made bone stock, as they promote, I almost completely healed her arthritis. I tried adequan injections, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. Costly and totally ineffective. Acupuncture Provided some temporary relief, however only the stock was absolutely, unmistakably the solution for her. If anyone is interested in hearing more, let me know.

    Whenever I implement the Westin A Price health principles (raw milk, organ meats, grain prepared in a manner that reduces anti-nutrients, fermented food products, etc.), I feel an almost immediate improvement.

    There are some great YouTube lectures by their current Director, Sally Fallon, that are fascinating. She talks about historical diets, even in this country and shows through photos, how we are becoming more and more unhealthy, from conception, due to our diets.

    One of the most compelling things she uses to illustrate how poor nutrition is manifesting in the people of industrialized (processed food) cultures is the narrowing of the middle third of the face and the corresponding health issues that were once rare and are now commonplace.

    I hope you check it out.

    1. khammad


      Could you recommend some helpful videos? I went through a few of Sally Fallons, then watched an anti-Sally Fallon video. Must watch both.

      But then found this excellent video on fat soluble vitamins. Seems legit.

      Fat Soluble Vitamins – The Weston A. Price Foundation – Whole Body Health

      Thanks for the tip

        1. khammad

          Here is yet an additional video on how to cure cavities

          “The dentist drills a hole in your tooth to prevent a hole in your tooth”

          Cure Tooth Decay – Ramiel Nagel + Sally Fallon of the Weston Price Foundation

          1. khammad

            At 10:30, “By blaming bacteria, we have been dis-empowered. If we started looking at the strength of the tooth then we ask ourselves how do we get strong teeth?”

            Seems like there is an artificial effort to blame bacteria on many ills that are not due to bacteria. In this way, one could call it the Bacteria Hoax.

            At 12:45, “If all that fluoride in dental products really worked, then why are we still getting cavities?”

            Bacteria was supposed to not only strengthen teeth but also kill bacteria. What it’s actual purpose remains a mystery.

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