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Driving during the Mason hour

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Act local,  think global,  or whatever the UN slogan is.

With that in mind,  I concentrate on local suspicious stories as they affect me the most.

For the second time in a week,  we have a collision around the same place at the same time.  What time you ask?  In the dead of night,  oh,  around 3:30pm. Seems to be a bad time to be on the road,  unless of course you’re in the largest organized group of masons,  such as the police service.

HOV lanes are usurping our already congested road networks lanes for the Pan Am games. The won’t be controversial until our traffic grinds to a halt.  This story was to remind people that lanes were being repainted, as the tape recently applied almost immediately came off.

I can’t find any record online, but the radio reported that a 22 yo was arrested. Also interesting is that this is in Toronto’s 22 police division,  which is located at 3699 Bloor.

Police say that just after 3:30 a.m., an Acura struck the rear of a blocker truck. The blocker truck, a safety vehicle for those working on HOV lane maintenance, was on

the highway working on lane markings, according to Const. Clint Stibbe of traffic services.


I’m not trying to outdo Zach, but the occult numerology in these likely fake stories in simply undeniable.

As an aside,  I called a woman named Karen, a British import that the Ontario government hired as an HOV SME (subject matter expert) to ascertain the legality of these temporary lanes. While I didn’t really get a satisfying answer as to whether these temporary lanes were even legal under their laws, she did mention there were only 22 public submissions when hearings were held over the lanes.

How droll.

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Kepler the fudger

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Simon from cluesforum.info introduces introduces his Tycho-SSSS theory to the world, perhaps an answer to all flat/ball earth (NASA inspired?) wave sweeping the conspiracy world.

KEPLER THE FUDGER- and the Royal Society’s aberration boysImageAt this point, and as a brief ‘historical pre-intro’ to my upcoming TYCHO-SSSS celestial model, I find it necessary to spend a few words about the men responsible for ‘grinding in stone’ (for All Times?) the current, universally accepted solar system model. I have chosen but three of those ‘heavyweight’ individuals for this short exposé although, of course, countless other scientists and important men have contributed in establishing the Copernican model as the ultimate (and ‘incontestable’) achievement of human intellect. To be sure, anyone questioning the Copernican / Keplerian model today (oh well, at least in the Western world) is roundly shunned and scoffed at – and more often than not, tagged in society as a ‘raving crackpot’.

Source: View topic – The SSSS • Cluesforum.info

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