Kepler the fudger

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Simon from introduces introduces his Tycho-SSSS theory to the world, perhaps an answer to all flat/ball earth ( inspired?) wave sweeping the conspiracy world.

KEPLER THE FUDGER- and the Royal Society’s aberration boysImageAt this point, and as a brief ‘historical pre-intro’ to my upcoming TYCHO-SSSS celestial model, I find it necessary to spend a few words about the men responsible for ‘grinding in stone’ (for All Times?) the current, universally accepted solar system model. I have chosen but three of those ‘heavyweight’ individuals for this short exposé although, of course, countless other scientists and important men have contributed in establishing the Copernican model as the ultimate (and ‘incontestable’) achievement of human intellect. To be sure, anyone questioning the Copernican / Keplerian model today (oh well, at least in the Western world) is roundly shunned and scoffed at – and more often than not, tagged in society as a ‘raving crackpot’.

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