Crazy to crazy on the Moon Hoax

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Wanted to dip into the the latest on controlled opposition programming on the Moon landing hoax, since someone is posting no-ad versions of Coast to Coast on Youtube. Turns out that not much has changed over the past 50 years, but I did note a few new points to me.

Their latest show was inspired by this silly story, saying the Russians (the fake enemy of the US) wanted to open up an investigation into missing Apollo 11 tapes (Simon’s comment).

#1 controlled opposition  Richard C. Hoaxland (NLP naming?), aka Hoagland, who is 0;against” by forever wishing for an investigation into their black-ops secret missions (thus promoting confirmation that NASA DID go to the Moon and still does) talks about how the missing money that is propagated is used to fund secret black ops. My stand on black ops technology is that it is simple science fiction bluffing for the masses. He also convinced me that “missing money”, like the 2.3 trillion dollars announced missing on 9/10/2001 , is also a key piece of propaganda hoaxing. It’s purpose is to fund the next mythical piece of the underground pie, secret weapons that allegedly are 50 years ahead of today in terms of sophistication.

One of the magical technologies black ops has invented is a nuclear weapon neutralizer. Yes, they have the technology to snuff out those nasty warheads. To go along with it, this new power can also stop radiation “cold”. They can stop any meltdown in its tracks, including .

Another fantastic meme is that all 12 a$$-true-NOTs that went to the moon have hard their memory of their trips zapped. They can try as hard as they want, but NASA has figured out a way to make the forget their trips. This is to cover for the many secret scary things they were really doing on the moon, besides kicking up dust.

The last and most incredible fable spun out by Mr. Hoaxland is the torsion field technology. They can create matter or energy out of, well, nothing. This is even better than alchemy, where you have to start with something. All this is courtesy of the toroid or torsion field, which I heard about in Thrive or Zeitgeist. While I found it believable at the time, since it tied in well with Tesla and his magical powers, I have since had to dismiss it as just another science fiction.

Keeping up with alternative conspiracy theory is almost as much as work as following the latest .

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