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Much crap 370

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Update 6/22/15

I re-listened to this show, and have a few more comments.

Max has a clip section dedicated to the discrediting of the pilot. He speculates rightly that the airlines are probably in on getting rid of or reducing the pilot cost, one of its highest after fuel. Conditioning the public to accepting more automation and less human control on planes by demonizing or making  up stories about pilots (recently the Germanwings hoax) is an important part of this.

Secondly, it may be that the Indian Ocean is a dead area when it comes to radar of any kind of plane tracking. Since we agree here that satellites don’t exist, perhaps more ground based relay stations are needed and funding and/or permissions for building on the various countries involved is required.

Going back in the archives, clip master Max deconstructs the Mh370 hoax.

This title refers to nonsense physicist Michio Kaku, media deceiver operative.

April 28th 2014- In this episode Max deconstructs the latest media roll out story and hoax.  Many people ask well, why would they do that?  Why would they make up a story like this and lie to public so blatantly? Cui Bono? Max explains the reasons for these propaganda campaigns and how the media attempts to […]


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