9/11 squibs

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The buildings at the WTC were brought down just like this trio.  What you saw on tellalievision was not the real picture, even the ones without planes. You saw a digital simulation to obscure and deceive you.

The architects and engineers agree with controlled demolitions like this one, but they imply or even state that 2983 (1111) people were murdered by evil doers. The refutes the victims, so once more, you’re left with a simple building destruction. That makes A&E for truth liars by omission, and therefore, willing or unwilling participants in the .

Mill Creek Buildings – Controlled , Inc.:

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19 thoughts on “9/11 squibs

  1. boethius

    A normal demolition is restricted in terms of damage profile allowed, size and spread of debris field, etc…

    The 9/11 demolition of the Twin Towers had none of these constraints. It had total security and secrecy of the debris field and the debris pattern. If these were known one could determine the method used to remove the towers. The idea of it being a demolition of some known type is like arguing that the planes were Dc-10’s vs. 747′: using evidence known to be false to arrive at a false conclusion. It is more profitable to know what one does not know when it comes to arriving at a plausible scenario. As I said before, this was a psychological attack. The weak points in people’s minds were and are exploited.

  2. MaxRatt

    When I first saw your site I was thinking or more like hoping … “Now here are some people who ‘get it’ they’re on to something.” Now with all this garbage about “Flat Earth” and “No Victims in the Towers” and cult-like adherence to your narrative and worship of your High Priest Simon Shack, leaves me no other choice but to DISMISS this NONSENSE as more DISINFO! Happy Trails Amigitos

    1. ab Post author

      Dear Max,
      I like your audios. My admiration for your work (if you are the same entity) does not extend so far to allow you to ad hominem attack me and the site. You’ve said good-bye to this site more times than the The Who has had farewell tours. Leave if you must, but otherwise provide evidence that your vicsims are real people who really died as we are all told. The official evidence is not convincing. Simon is not my leader, or a cult leader. He has a movie and a website that has clear thinking that I agree with. You left out Hoi Polloi, who is likewise a clear thinker who I always assume that I will agree with. There’s Blue Moon, there is KHam, there is Delcroix to name a few more. I disagree with all of them sometimes, but mostly think they are clear thinkers like I hope them to think of me. As for the flat earth, I have stated that for now I am a ball skeptic. If that means I post a video with the word “flat” in it, then it’s up to you to decode my comments to see that my head has not gone flat and I’m only looking at other models. Don’t simplify and debase my inquiry with dismissive one liners. My readers and I are far more complex than that.

      1. MaxRatt

        No problem Pal… Like I said… I don’t believe you or your group of clowns on this site have good intentions. I won’t reply or participate anymore. I chose to comment on posts which were comments about MY show or relevant to shows I’ve done, I was trying to set the record straight on where I stood. Good Riddance

    2. John le Bon

      [I am a relative n00b to posting on fakeologist (and have only been lurking since about February iirc) so take this as a comment from an outsider rather than a fakeologist/cluesforumist.]

      Max, there are a number of aspects about your worldview with which I strongly disagree, but I still look forward to each new show you put out and have gone through much of your back-catalogue because, despite the areas where I disagree with you, I thoroughly enjoy your presentation and you usually manage to offer me new information in each episode. I have probably listened to your Moon Landing hoax episode three or four times by now, and it still cracks me up.

      I only found out about your work through Ab’s postings here at Fakeologist, and even then only because he kept on posting about your work so I figured I might as well have a listen to see what Ab was on about. I am glad that I did.

      Do I agree with you about the Hitler administration or the ‘holocaust’? No. Do I agree with you about the supposed wonders of multiculturalism? No. But I don’t then immediately dismiss you as ‘disinfo’; I separate the good from the bad in your shows for myself and I recommend that all people do that with all things they listen to – including my own shows, which are bound to be incorrect/misguided on some topics/issues given that I am only human and am still trying to figure things out for myself.

      tl;dr None of us are perfect, so let’s get along 🙂

      1. MaxRatt

        John, now I understand why you’re being MOCKED by intelligent people on Youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8G89h… . Funny you show up here with these DISINFO DIRTBAGS. This picture is now coming clear to me. Anyone who is reading these posts who is looking to learn something should be SURE that although these “Fakeologist” jerkoffs pretend to enjoy my show, what they are really doing is hoping to associate my show with their despicable misdirection and nonsense. FYI I’ve never done a show about “The Holocaust” or “Hitler” and if I’ve mentioned it once or twice in hundreds of hours of content that would be a lot. Listen to my show for yourself and see for yourself what I have to say. ANYTHING you see or read on this site is GARBAGE put out by LYING SCUMBAGS.

        1. ab Post author

          Dear Max,
          What a pity you’ve turned to ad hominem attacks on us fakeologists. I suppose if you’ve got no real arguments against our specific questions then slinging mud is all you can resort to. In light of this disappointing development I’ve suspended your commenting until you can play nice. I will still listen to your clipfests as they do aid in my understanding of psyops. If and when you can control your lashing out you will be welcome back.

        2. Blue Moon

          Well Max, if you want to name call, take that Noo Yawk brass ball winner take all rat trap of a town posturing you effect so well and preach your ridiculous Will Greer shot JFK fairy tale crap to dirt bags you can count on being mesmerized by your Vinnie Sackapoopie ghetto rap- I’m sure there are plenty of non english speaking immigrants that will nod and smile as you hold forth while they butter your bagels or slice your pizza- (Sorry, folks- His shows are entertaining but they’re not worth the expense of common sense-)

        3. Rollo

          Max, Try disagreeing with this JeffC character and you have a profile he will use every dirty under-handed trick there is to use on the net to fuck you over, Just listen to Kham and Peekay, Getting suspended from Ab’s site is quite an effort. Maybe you should try and get onto Kham Radio and plead your case 🙂 . What did you say to JLB again “John, now I understand why you’re being MOCKED by intelligent people on Youtube”. and you use this guy as an example —-> www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig-8nk… . Too Funny

  3. boethius

    Ab, while I have your attention,

    9/11 was a psychological attack, not a physical one. The main component of the attack was the production of never before seen images in the minds of the people. Images that could not be categorized or put into context because they have no reference points. How many people have seen a building come down? Almost everybody has seen a controlled demolition. So by not using this technique you produce a unique, uncategorizable event in the mind of the witness. One they will not be able to reconcile until they see the TV which soothes their troubled mind by giving them a reasonable facsimile of what they saw, which they now believe is what they did see. This is a trick successful magicians know. 9/11 was set up by a big name illusionist. It’s an assault on the mind.

    Note that the technique used on 9/11 by demolition cannot ever be used or someone might wake up and say “hey, that’s what happened to the towers!” The test for 9/11, a novel way to remove a skyscraper, was probably set up by the Bin Laden Construction Group, Saudi Arabia has the open space for a test site but something tells me Sudan is better for security purposes.

    1. ab Post author

      Sorry I disagree. What anyone saw (if there were really any witnesses besides CDI or some other demolition firm) can easily be “corrected” by repetitive media stimulation. If you keep showing me an apple when I see an orange (as Lawson was getting at), then I’m going to call it an apple eventually to keep you quiet. That’s human nature and it’s human behavior that we need to manage, not a simple building demolition or magical disappearing act as you think it was.

      1. boethius

        Well, ab, you should know that the Twin Towers were right in the heart of Wall Street, thousands of people were getting ready for the opening of the US stock markets when the event occurred. The event closed the NYC subway system, shut down the busses. People had to walk home as far as Brooklyn. People saw something but none of them have refuted to official version. There are several reasons for this. 1)nobody suffered any losses. The deaths are all fake so nobody had a personal stake in refuting the gov’t claims. 2)what they saw was confusing and that confusion was relieved by the tv programming, endless showing of the video i.e. brainwashing.

        1. lux

          “People saw something but none of them have refuted to official version.”

          How do you know that “none of them have refuted the official version”?

          Have you questioned all who were present at the time? Or, are you relying on the media to report the truth on this matter?

  4. boethius

    Ab, the mystery is why did none of the witnesses think it strange they way the buildings came down. Of the hundreds, maybe more than a thousand eye-witnesses, none saw it as a “demolition” even though the spectacle of a demolition is ingrained in our culture: we all know what one looks like. 9/11 was not “demolition” in the traditional sense. It did not use the expected techniques, nor do I believe it used a technique you can find a video of on the web. That would defeat the purpose: to create a unique event, never before seen by the witness and only recorded in his or her memory, never to be lined up with another example.

    9/11 was the magician’s greatest trick and the great magician never repeats his tricks in front of the same audience.

    1. ab Post author

      I have yet to be convinced that the media has presented us with even one real witness. Shocking one might think in a place as dense as NYC but almost no witnesses is far more believable to me than the line up of false witnesses the media has presented.

  5. boethius

    How do you know how the Twin Towers were brought down? Did you see them come down or are you just guessing? I would agree that the TV images are fakes.

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