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Audiochat – Jason Erb

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The and I talk about the week’s (Canadian) events with our fakeologist mindsets.


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KHA43-Tall 911 Tales with Rochelle

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K Ham Radio

July 30, 2015

Guest for the show was Rochelle, as heard on with Chris Kendall. See Rochelle’s youtoob channel  MindMatricks101


But first, Are Dinosaurs Real?


Consider this beloved childhood truism: Dinosaurs, both terrifying and wondrous roamed this earth in the ancient past.

Did they really?  Where is the proof?  The proof they say is in the bones.  O.k. show me the bones.

Problem you see, with the bones, you see, is that the timeline doesn’t add up.  We had pictures and giant models of complete skeletons of dinosaurs waaaaaay before we ever had an actual complete skeleton. And by the way, we still have never found a complete dinosaur skeleton, or even anything close to that. Each species of dinosaur is defined by just a few bones such as 1/4 of a jaw bone found in one pile added to some ribs from another. Fakery has been in the dino business since it’s inception, just like NASA, no doubt. Some fossils are faked, but some are also real.  What about the real ones?

Think about whales. We find most dinosaur bones in the rocks of ancient sea beds, where whales used to swim.  Dinosaurs have tons of vertebrae, just like whales.  The fossilized giant skull bone parts said to be from dinosaurs also fit nicely on whales. Jungle Surfer does a great job, as usual, of looking at the big picture.

DINOSAURS ARE A HOAX 2 Junglesurfer (This video was just for fun, see part 3)

Dinosaurs didn’t exist 100% proof part 3 by junglesurfer


inside sperm whale headorcaichty


t rex skin

Really, dinosaur skin? Of all the things this could be, assuming this picture is even real, of all the animals that ever existed, consensus among scientists involved is that this had to be a patch of dino skin?


Here is a Clues Forum post that shows this once particular dinosaur looks a lot like a turtle skeleton.

Psittacosaurus Gobiensis versus turtle


Tall 911 Tales with Rochelle

Rochelle joins us for a riveting discussion about 911 survivor stories. We analyze a state sponsored film called 9/11: The Tale of the Two Towers. This documentary was released almost exactly 6 months after September 11, 2001.

9/11: The Tale of the Two Towers

Of the few 9/11 survivors, one is the lovely Joanne Capestro. She has an amazing tale to tell that involves people grabbing arms separated from their bodies, seeing a dead couple skewered by beam while grabbing each other in an embrace and having a priest grab her a couple of times.

joan jcwithtand c

Another interesting character is Dave Donovan, who witnessed body parts raining down into the courtyard, plane seats with parts of bodies still in them, and saw a baby squirt out of the mother, only attached by the umbilical chord.



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Interesting talk with a 6 4 Javaring.

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Raw propaganda

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Canada had a brief period when its MPs appeared to speak their minds when Harper first appeared. That lasted 5 minutes, and has culminated into this:

The art of any propagandist and agitator consists in his ability to find the best means of influencing any given audience, by presenting a definite truth, in such a way as to make it most convincing, most easy to digest, most graphic, and most strongly impressive.

Lenin, The Slogans and Organisation of Social-Democratic Work (1919)

More Lenin Quotes

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Where to invade next

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Even with my fakeology knowledge,  I still watch movies.  Even with media fakery glasses,  I still enjoy Michael Moore’s movies, and this latest vehicle will probably be no different. Moore has always had an affection for Toronto,  where his latest film will premier.

I’m sure mm plays a part in enforcing the deception as a token change agent,  but perhaps he opens the skeptic door just a little bit for some.

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It’s 9/11 plane time again

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I hate hearing plane stories in the media. More so than the shortening day, it’s an indication that summer is on the down slope and fall is around the corner. 9/11 is the reason, of course, as there is usually 6 weeks of plane stories to remind you of the 9/11 psyop.

The cold case known as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been jolted by a piece of flotsam that washed ashore, and now investigators are scrambling again.

Source: Debris washed up on island could be clue to missing Malaysia Flight 370 – The Washington Post

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John Adams AC on the Gabrielle Giffords psyop hoax

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John and Chris bring the deconstruction to the Gabrielle Giffords fake event. This event brought 9/11 and its tawdry tale to Arizona for good.

One gem: doctors used suspended animation when performing surgery on Gabby. Of course the medical center has never heard of these doctors.

Stephanie Sledge’s book,



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One liar sacrificed to obscure real story

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Two professional liars working for the same beast – one is sacrificed for a small lie that of course had to be orchestrated from the highest level, the other remains for no good reason other than to create a duality and create the illusion that liars will be caught and dealt with. The real facts are that NBC and all media outlets are their to mislead and create an illusion that they are digging for truth rather than lying to steer the herd.

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This is where participants of the DCP (dead celebrity program) go. Where is it? It’s all around you.  Would you recognize Elvis or Whitney Houston if they moved in beside you?  Maybe, but who would believe you?

I’m sure the most famous among us can be somewhat physically altered, but if they live in rich, more isolated areas then no one would recognize or tell on them.

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