KHA41-Tour of 9/11 Research

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K Ham Radio Episode #41

Date: July 2, 2015

Back to the Basics: A Tour of Research on


After the events of 9/11, the news did not stop.  In fact, the US national media groups and US government is putting out more hoaxes than ever and will most likely continue to put out fake/hoaxed/altered events for the foreseeable future. One might ask what could possibly be the motivation for these faked/hoaxed events. One can only guess because we are on the outside of that roundtable discussion, but I would guess money and power, which are desirable treasures in any age. In order to understand hoaxed events that show up in your evening news, it is a good idea to look back at September 11, 2001 and see how the events of that day, which includes the planes crashing into the towers, and the tower collapses, were faked and how the news media was complicit in its lies about that faked event.

Why is it a good idea to look back on the day of 9/11?  There has been a lot of great research about this day, which all points to a template of sorts for fakery.  If you understand how 9/11 went down, then you understand . With this powerful tool on your side, you are less likely to be duped when then next fake event comes along, and you are less likely to be emotionally manipulated.

Below are the recommended links from the premier research on 9/11 by Simon Shack and Hoi Palloi.  This is the standard for which all 9/11 researchers should begin their research.

Tour Guide to the September Clues Research

The Power of Imagery

Deconstructing 9/11

The Vicsim Report

The 9/11 Memorial Scams



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15 thoughts on “KHA41-Tour of 9/11 Research

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  2. simonshack

    Finally got to listen to it last night – great show indeed, K!
    Your delivery, sense of humor – and knack for making listeners slap their heads with the odd, thought-provoking “hu-hum / aside comment” (…and subsequent pause) – are truly divine! 🙂

    Most appreciatively yours


  3. Jack33


    I know who he is and who he associates with.
    By no means was it ever intended to be an endorsement of him or Global Research.

    I simply cherry picked that bit from an article he wrote because, to me, it made a lot of sense.

    It’s funny because I almost put a disclaimer at the beginning of that post and now I wish I had.


  4. Jack33

    Good show K.
    I always enjoy listening to you break things down in your own unique way.

    As for your husband who thinks there would be too many people involved to keep quiet.
    Where does he suppose someone might go to blow the whistle? CNN? FOX? Washington D.C.?

    He doesn’t quite get it, does he.
    Nothing against him personally…99.9% of the people I know don’t get it either.

    I don’t know why the notion of a controlled and deceptive media is so difficult for people to accept.
    I’d be happy if I could just get some people to consider it briefly.

    It’s too much for most people to handle I think.

    Keep up the good work K.


    1. khammad Post author


      In a lot of people I have spoken with, ego seems to be the reason they wont consider that 3,000 people did not die in the 911 tower collapses. Also, the deniers excuses seem to just be covers for the initial ego’s claim, that people did die, and Arabs did do it.

      Consider this statement: 911 must have happened because someone would have talked about it by now and told people. What if the person who said this has had a top level security clearance for 20 years and is one of thousands in the group with such a clearance, who all, to this day, continue to keep silent? Also, no known person in this top level security clearance group has ever gotten in trouble for telling those secrets. This person has kept secrets for 20 years, yet can’t understand how the 911 conspirators could keep their secrets for 14 years. This person is denying the behavior that he, himself is doing!!! This is why I have come to consider the ego as one of the biggest culprits in preventing people from understanding the true nature of the 911 event.

      This is what I said to myself when I finally understood what went down on the day of 911:
      1) I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out before, the signs were all there. Why was I so stupid?
      2) Now I feel foolish because I felt so bad about all those people dying.
      3) I feel taken advantage of because I have always hated that liar Rudolph Giuliani, and the one time I believe him, he was still deceiving me.

      Notice all the “I” statements, all ego driven.

      Translate these statements into a person who is still in denial, who still thinks 911 happened just like the media and government says it did. Here is what they might be subconsciously thinking right now:
      1) I would feel stupid by believing 911 was just a glorified bank robbery, because I believe myself to be a smart person, and a smart person would have figured this stuff out by now.
      2) I don’t want to feel foolish by understanding that 911 was a lie, and that I cried over fake dead people.
      3) I don’t want to feel taken advantage of because I believed that prick Giuliani, so I can’t believe those towers were taken down on purpose.

      It seems like a large majority of people are already tied up in their ego. (One day I plan to write up why this is so, but it has to do with modern day media) They can’t escape it. 911 being a military job is just one more thing that their ego cannot accept. We shouldn’t take it personally.

      For people who believe the government and media’s explanation on 911, consider the future. If you can bring yourself to look at the research, then you will have the opportunity to have a fresh start, a whole new way of thinking. All future slights to your ego will be gone, well mostly, because now you will have armed yourself with the tools to protect your ego even better than before. You will be able to spot the lie before you waste your time getting wrapped up in a story. You will be able to keep all your money instead of giving it to fake charities for fake dead people. Most of all, you will be the master of your own emotions, and it will no longer be a thing that is used against you by those forces out there wishing to take advantage of you for their own benefit. Is it time to free yourself yet?

      1. Jack33

        I agree with you that the ego no doubt plays a big role in preventing a good portion of people from accepting what really happened that day.
        But in order to even get to a point where someone’s ego might be challenged, that person must first be able and willing to at least entertain the idea that the leadership within our own government and military would deliberately commit such a heinous act…and that’s not something the majority of Americans are capable of doing in my opinion.

        The brainwashing and programming that’s been taking place in this country over multiple generations has been so thorough and complete that the very idea of something like this ever taking place is unfathomable to most.
        The people who perpetrated this event and others like it are aware of this. In fact, they count on it.


        1. khammad Post author


          “The brainwashing and programming that’s been taking place in this country over multiple generations has been so thorough and complete that the very idea of something like this ever taking place is unfathomable to most.”

          Excellent analysis!

          1. Jack33

            in an article written for Global Research last year, Prof. James F. Tracy does a good job explaining why those who are in positions to know the truth remain silent.
            Either you ‘toe the company line’ or risk loosing everything.

            An infirmity once characterizing the past century’s most severe totalitarian regimes has now taken root in Western public discourse and practice, a process akin to Orwellian “double think” acting as a form of de facto censorship preempting consideration of major issues and events. This mindset is obliquely shared by a majority of professional journalists, academics, and public office holders—in short, those who represent and lead public opinion. Their collective publicity of the unsaid preserves and perpetuates existing belief systems and power relations. To be sure, there are self-evident injunctions for those straying from such unspoken protocols, including expulsion from this professional class.

            Once a state-endorsed narrative of a questionable event has been presented to and conveyed by the mainstream news media, it is almost invariably accepted without question by “Inner Party” members. Such silence is abetted by a mechanical allegiance to prevailing authority figures and institutional power. In possessing such a worldview one reflexively forfeits personal integrity to uphold the collective publicity of the unspeakable and an overarching faith in the given sociopolitical system’s artificial spontaneity. Alternative interpretations of such events by the laity can be dismissed out-of-hand as “conspiracy theories,” thereby further confirming the Party’s creed.

        2. Blue Moon

          Emotional investments are precious to people and emotion is the first thing that fires in response to an apparent tragedy- Once that emotional coin is spent, the ego does indeed protect that investment, especially from cold, critical analysis- Most people double down on their investment and fight fact and logic tooth and nail- And there is security in numbers- Consensus reality is far more comfortable than being alone on the wild frontier- “They” know this all too well-

          1. khammad Post author


            Professor Tracy is pals with Fetzer, so I am pretty sure the prof is cointelpro, limited hang out. The professor is correct about the psychology aspect of going along with the majority as one aspect of self checking, but wrong about the infiltrating totalitarian regime. I don’t believe the common people have ever been in charge or have ever known the truth about certain events.
            Like Alex Jones, they say the boots on the ground are coming. Incorrect. The boots on the ground have always been here. It seems more and more like modern day control is not boots on the ground but instead done through psychological operations.

  5. Rollo

    I’m going to have to play School Teacher and get out the red ink.

    “Below are the recommended links from the premier research on 9/11 by Simon Shack and Hoi Palloi. This is the standard for which all 9/11 researchers should begin their research.”

    When I last smelt we Great Unwashed are known as the “Hoi Polloi”. I’ve spoken to him many times he does come across as a good “Pal” if that’s what you meant. anyway Speak to you “K” in two weeks time :).

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