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John brings two great philosophers together to make some great intellectual sounds.…

John and myself have another great call with Jay Dyer( We discuss Max Horkheimer,Theodore W. Adorno, Frankfurt School,Marxism, banking, Columbia University, Institute for Social Research,the Nazis, the MASY Group, the Charleston Shooting, the Kingsman film,MKULTRA, gun shot statistics, The Bank of International Settlements, Marcinkus, Civilization, The ,Alvin Toffler, H.G. Wells, Arnold J. Toynbee, Cultural Revolution, Public Relations, Mad Men, Andre the Giant has a Posse, Helen Blavatsky,The Brothers Karamazov,James Bond, Ian Fleming, the Cold War, Spy Culture,Crisis Actors, Dupers Delight, Sex-espionage,Dallas Goldbug,Flat Earth, the Moon Hoax, 9/11, Maya, CGI and the Pentagon, Stanley Kubrick, Jay Weidner, Suppressed Technology, UFOs, The New Atlantis, The Nephalim, Gnomon,Fractal Geometry, Platonic Solids, Atlantis,Genesis 6, Genetic Engineering,Reductionist Materialism, Personalism, Statism, Panspermia, Richard Dawkins, Scientism,Cause and Effect,Metaphysics, The Multiverse, Roger Penrose,The Logos,Darwinism, Survival of the Fittest, Mathematics, the Golden Ratio, Carl Sagan, Scientism,Death by Design-The Life and Times of Life and Times, Alchemy, Platonism, Eugenics, Artificial Intelligence, Ex Machina, Her, THX1138,Siri, The Americans, Viv, Dark Mirror, Wearables, Apple Watch is Dr. Schwitzgebel’s Machine.

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2 thoughts on “Philosophic music

  1. Daydream Believer

    Yes, I realized that too although I do believe that there is mind control for other reasons and purposes. It is the lack of evidence that there is such a thing as an MK ULTRA shooter that leads me to believe that they are not real. A lot of ” Alt’ media push the idea that James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner and even Joker Tsarnev are/ were under mind control, which doesn’t make sense when all of those events that involve the men mentioned are totally fake. Also if these things were real, why would you need a mind control shooter, when you could just pay someone to do the shooting?

  2. Blue Moon

    Mind control and lone nut shooters backed by professional assassins came up on the call, specifically the RFK hoax- Listening, it finally occurred to me that the whole hypno-programming MKUltra assassin trope is just that: a literary conceit- Given that all of the information about mind control originated with Intelligence agencies, there is no reason to buy any of it- If politicians are just mouthpieces and the vote is a scam, there is no need to kill any of them- But, the real time false history presents us with these tragic plays and they go into the history books as real- But if no one gets shot then there is no need for a shooter, and no need for programming a shooter- It’s all press releases and fake photos-
    Here’s Christopher Knowles on real mind control- And listen to the podcast linked at the end of the post-…


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