Pluto is a dog at Disney

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once again robbing your space imagination with their awful imagery and silly stories.

Crow Images vs Images – Pluto is Only at Dis…:

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4 thoughts on “Pluto is a dog at Disney

  1. lux

    I’ve been following Crrow777’s videos for some time and find them very interesting. He seems genuine and he backs up what he says with evidence that also appears to be genuine.

    Some fakeologists dismiss him simply because some of his videos document UFO activity. Though the media has made it extremely difficult to discuss the UFO topic intelligently, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist or shouldn’t be reported. For example, we know that “satellites” are an enormous hoax yet some objects alleged to be satellites are visible in the skies above us. So, I see nothing wrong with trying to learn what we can about whatever might really be up there as long as it is done intelligently and based on real evidence. Crrow777 seems to do this.

    1. ab Post author

      I prefer to ignore those that tell me to ignore others. Crrow777 speaks very clearly and admitting he doesn’t know many things is a good sign to me. I don’t know what to make of the moon but appreciate his efforts. He seems to be helping more than hurting.

  2. Master of None

    Thanks for posting this. I have been following Crrow777 for awhile and find him fascinating. A breath of fresh air. He says some wild stuff that I don’t have the time or resources to verify, however he seems intelligent, to have integrity and is unafraid to say what he believes to be true. He is writing some articles on the Higherside Chats website and for $5 a month you can read them. So many people on the podcast circuit (for decades) seem to be so blatantly inauthentic and intentionally crazy-making deceptive, yet despite what Crrow777 says (way out there stuff), there is something about it that seems worthwhile. Until I have reason to stop considering what he is saying, I’m hanging in to see where it goes.


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