Campus Crusade for Christ

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The CIA works both sides of culture creation.

As we’ll see, it’s a campaign that began when a morally-dissolute cryptofascist named William Randolph Hearst threw the considerable weight of his empire behind an obscure preacher named Billy Graham, continued when a CIA-run program called Campus Crusade for Christ created a phony counterculture based on Fundamentalist Christianity, a counterculture pushed by the entire media industry (but especially so by the Luce Family) and continues to this day, with techniques perfected in phony cults throughout the 1970s now being practiced in thousands of politically-motivated churches all across the United States.

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3 thoughts on “Campus Crusade for Christ

  1. farcevalue

    It is tiresome hearing people talk about Ayn Rand who sound like they have never read a single sentence, much less a page of her work. Her real life persona did little to promote the ideas in her books. This may have been intentional in order to discredit the arguments for voluntarism and against self sacrifice contained in the writing.

    Atlas Shrugged was never about walking over the less fortunate, it was about those who produce (whether they are street sweepers, fruit pickers or factory owners) withdrawing from those who take by force (politicians , cronies and their enforcers).

    There were a couple of nuggets in this recording, but the above mischaracterization, coupled with the naive acceptance of the political system as legitimate provoked more eye rolling than interest.

  2. Blue Moon

    There is, in fact, one huge steaming 800 pound heresy sitting right in the middle of fundamentalist doctrine- If Jesus Christ died and resurrected to redeem ALL mankind, past, present and future, the doctrine of an elect, born again soul actually negates the entire crucifixion/resurrection narrative- It renders Christ’s sacrifice as utterly purposeless- Why does a believer have to go through such a born again process? Christ’s sacrifice wasn’t sufficient? Faith in the Protestant reckoning is all one is supposed to need to attempt salvation- Catholics require the faith be demonstrated through good works as well as professed faith (Confession/ prayers/ the Eucharist etc.) There is no genuine doctrine for these so-called elect- It starts with Calvin being commissioned by the Venetians (who created Luther and his ism) to militarize Protestant faith because the original Lutherans became pacifists of a sort (Quietists)- For Calvin, the great unwashed were already damned, save for about 5% who were deemed by God to have been saved even before they were born- No one was told who the saved few were, but that their Earthly life was a fate accompli and therefore the concept of sin was, in effect, tabled- This made for better soldiers, bloodthirsty and unimpeded by a fate already determined-
    A strain of this Calvinist heresy is very much present in today’s fundamentalism that Knowles speaks of- But then the whole history of Christianity is a pious fraud- No matter which way you turn, truth is only found in you and your own behavior- Can I get an AMEN!?!


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