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FAK149-Dean Hartwell

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Who? Dean Hartwell

When? Saturday, July 11, 2015 6:11pm EDT


Dean’s new book:

Was 9/11 a Movie?  (US Amazon)

Dean’s appearances on radiofetzer

Simon Shack post on Dean Hartwell

Review of show censoredrickreuben.blogspot.ca…

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Degrasse Tyson was at the WTC on 9/11

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Space climate science guy deGassy is constantly promoted in the media. It’s logical that his handlers gave him a direct link to the 9/11 myth. All celebutards are written into the script and must read from it whenever possible.

John and Adam talk it about it here around the end of the show, but they as usual don’t question any part of the 9/11 story (some media assassins they are) and instead argue about a hotel’s height.

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