FAK149-Dean Hartwell

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Who? Dean Hartwell

When? Saturday, July 11, 2015 6:11pm EDT


Dean’s new book:

Was 9/11 a Movie?  (US Amazon)

Dean’s appearances on radiofetzer

Simon Shack post on Dean Hartwell

Review of show censoredrickreuben.blogspot.ca…

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onebornfree (@onebornfree)
6 years ago

Good show, Ab. Howevvah, Fakeologist said [paraphrased]: “I’m not an anarchist- we need governments to do [whatever]…..” etc. Ab, sorry to have to tell you and your guest this, but you are both dreaming: “In your dream, Obama is not a scam” “In your dream, George Bush was not a scam” “In your dream, Clinton was not a scam” “In your dream, Reagan was not a scam” “In your dream, all the rest were not a scam” “In your dream, the constitution was not a scam”…….” “In your dream, 9/11 was not a scam” “In your dream, the FBI is… Read more »

Dean Hartwell
Dean Hartwell (@deanh)
6 years ago
Reply to  onebornfree

Hi onebornfree, You are correct to say that the politicians and agencies you name are scams or have been used to perform scams. But that doesn’t settle the argument over whether we need government. Agents of government can do wrong. They can also do right and do what is beneficial for the public. The people who collect my trash work for the government and they do what I am not willing to do. They get rid of things I do not want. The people who fill the potholes do something I probably couldn’t do privately and they do it for… Read more »

onebornfree (@onebornfree)
6 years ago
Reply to  Fakeologist

Hi Ab, I’ve been fine- very busy though, so I have not kept up with your site as much as before. You still do a great job – you are a “a natural” radio host as far as I’m concerned. Say “hi” to Simon and the the gang for me if you get a chance.[ I still read new posts at his site daily]. As to the question of governments and their necessity or not , this is hardly the place to get into such a discussion [hence my mere assertions via the song I wrote, in my previous post],… Read more »

smj (@smj)
6 years ago

according to an article put out by the lawrence berkeley lab entitled ‘scientist as detective: luis alvarez and the pyramid burial chambers, the jfk assassination, and the end of the dinosaurs’ luis ‘fuckin’ alvarez solved the riddle of the motion of jack’s melon on the zapruder film. we are told all he needed was some melons of course, some tape, and a hunting rifle. well, that and a shit-ton of psientific chutzpah… “Luie was an expert in the analysis of photographs—his physics group had analyzed hundreds of thousands of photos of interactions of elementary particles, and he had invented a… Read more »

Dean Hartwell
Dean Hartwell (@deanh)
6 years ago

It was a pleasure to be on Fakeologist audio today! We are on the same page about the use of staged and scripted events, especially 9/11. I will put the question to your readers here – other than my new book , Was 9/11 a Movie?, can anyone name a published book that posits that no one died during the events known as 9/11?