Audiochat-July 16, 2015

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Who? Ab, Fauxcapitalist

Jason’s a fellow Canadian from Waterloo, Ontario who looks into /hoaxes in his spare time. I’d like to talk to Jason more often – and YOU too.

Place a message in to meet me on or if you want to use a phone.



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1 thought on “Audiochat-July 16, 2015

  1. smj

    here’s the crazy fuck that gave us dark matter……

    … the narrative (wiki) tells us he discovered dark energy at cal tech on the rockefeller dime of course.

    ‘In 1925, he emigrated to the United States to work with Robert Millikan at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with an office down the hall from Robert Oppenheimer after receiving the “international fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation.’

    and here’s the crazy fuck that told us matter is energy..


    i truly wish we weren’t such gullible apes.

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