FCC-July 17, 2015

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Who? Ab, John Adams of hoaxbusterscall.com

Afternoon commute meets the fakeologist.com/cc conference call



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6 thoughts on “FCC-July 17, 2015

    1. ab Post author

      I think this was it here I explain what has been going on with me recently (some good, some bad) and why ClandesTime has been on a pause, before reviewing what’s been going on in the truth movement since the turn of the year.  This is not a particularly happy or uplifting or informative episode, but the outro song is from Eurovision, so enjoy. Download: 128kbps mp3 – 64kbps mp3

      * Duration: 22:48, Played: 16:52

      * Published: 2015-06-05 8:25:40 AM

      * Episode Download Link (21 MB): www.spyculture.com/podcasts/Cl…

      * Show Notes: www.spyculture.com/clandestime…

      * Episode Feed: ClandesTime – feeds.feedburner.com/clandesti…

    2. ab Post author

      Actually it’s this episode.

      I look back on the 2005 London bombings and explain why I think the 7/7 movement failed. From predictive programming to infiltration, from bigoted truth celebrities to propaganda, I offer my take on why the effort to bring about a proper investigation of the London bombings did not succeed. This is a cautionary tale that involves quite a lot of swearing.(Read more…)

      * Published: 2015-07-06 9:04:38 PM

      * Episode Download Link (30 MB): www.spyculture.com/podcasts/Cl…

      * Show Notes: www.spyculture.com/clandestime…

      * Episode Feed: ClandesTime – feeds.feedburner.com/clandesti…

      1. xileffilex

        TS nails his colors firmly to the mast.
        The key bit is from around 5.00 where he talks about “predictive programming” relating to storylines in a 2003 released series called Spooks [UK] or MI5 [USA] **

        “The 2nd episode of that season, two years before 7/7 features a young teenage muslm who is brainwashed into becomeing a muslim by an imam clearly based on Omar Bakri the senior al-Mihajiroon preacher * who at the same time was an MI5 informant….
        …..basically the official story of 7/7 – tbat the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers and that MI5 were trying to stop the attacks but failed. Only a couple of weeks later the 5th episode of the 2nd series was broadcast on July 7 2003, exactly 2 years before 7/7. *** In the episode the MI5 unit that we follow throughout the show runs a training exercise involvoing a mock terrorist attack on London. They soon realise that the attack is for real.
        The twist at the end of the episode is that it was all just part of the exercise, that MI5 had staged the whole thing including fake news broadcasts that were fed to the participants so that they thought it was real. So this epsode does not just incorporate elements of the Peter Power training exercise from 7/7 – that is the basis for all popular alternative theories abouot the bombings but also, on the sly, incorporates elements of the “media fakery – crisis actor – no-one really dies” view of false flags which did turn up in the alternative discussions on 7/7, but, gladly, remained a pretty fringe opinion that hardly anyone subscribed to.

        *** Well, the 6th episode not the 5th seems to have been broadcast on 7/7/2003 and the drill episode involving a VX nerve gas attack – Extreme Emergency Response Initiative Exercise – was broadcast on June 23 2003. No matter.

        Gatekeeping par excellence with volumes of fake vitriol thrown in for good measure.

        I think the 7/7 movement, whatever that is, did a pretty good job collectively of steering people away from the media fakery fringe viewpoint.

        * file under media fakery
        ** I just call it scriptwriters pinching off other scriptwriters. We are the participants being fed false news stories.


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