Audiochat 2 – July 19, 2015

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18 thoughts on “Audiochat 2 – July 19, 2015

  1. rgos

    Come to think of it, this 2017 North American total eclipse might be a good opportunity for a Fakeologist Convention/Star Party/Reality Check, similar to the gathering the boys at Clues had when the Costa Concordia “sank” back in 2012 in Italy.

    I remember they were discussing the possibility of the incident being photoshopped/total CGI and then going to Isola del Giglio in the flesh to check things out for themselves. “The ship was there alright,” said Simon. I had to chuckle.

    Nothing beats a bit of Fakeology forensics.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      You need a reality check.
      You’re a fool.
      Don’t be offended. I’m a fucking fool too.
      The thing is, I know it. I’m not sure you do, right now, rgos?

      I’m slightly concerned you think you’re really clever.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Does an eclipse prove the earth is round and flat ? It’s a genuine question. I’m clueless, my science teacher was a paedophile

      and I didn’t fancy him.

      1. rgos

        Define proof.

        I think it does. Just like Kham recently said: other celestial bodies are spherical, so in all probability we are on a round ball as well. Eclipses are good opportunities to see this.

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Ah, okay. The word ‘reality’ had suggested a certain amount of certainty, on your part.
          I was intrigued as to what side of the coin you were, if you will.

          I have no idea what shape the earth we stand on is, but I have one simple question which you have to come down on one side of the other of, if you will.

          You look 50 miles across water with a strong enough lens, beach-to-beach and it looks level.
          Mainstream science agrees the earth can appear flat in ‘optical experiments’.. Mainstream science says this is because of refraction.

          Do you think we can see round corners because of refraction rgos, or do you think we might just be able to see it?

          1. rgos

            Do you think we can see round corners because of refraction rgos,

            I think we can, yes.

            or do you think we might just be able to see it?

            See what?

    1. rgos

      2017 Aug 21 18:26:40

      That’s UT. Universal time. (Globalist Time ;-))

      Time conversion here:…

      EST local time the spectacle starts off at 1.00PM. The sun and moon are gonna be high at 60 degrees. If there are no clouds that’s a perfect condition for a life changing experience. Really. I’ve seen a few…

  2. xileffilex

    You don’t actually see the punch connect – could be a clever staged event, the sound man sees to know what’s coming, as he doesn’t react.
    Incidentally, this wonderful NASA silent comedy on Moon Rock analysis needs more than 100 views…

  3. smj

    the periodic table is mendeleev’s dream. henry moseley provided the logic for the dream using diffraction and crystallography with his buddy charles galton darwin, who was charles’ grandson and francis galton’s godson. moseley taught the bragg’s we are told.

    henry got his brilliant brains blown out in gallopi in ww1; so in ww2 all the brilliant brains didn’t have to fight so they could devote all their time to making up bullshit of course. charles galton darwin ran the national lab during ww2.

    if your interested check out moseley’s father’s protege and what he taught the germans to believe and maybe you’ll see thru the hustle we call history.

    i went over some of this stuff on the april 6, 2015 audiochat……

    so yeah, this broke mother-fucker living out of his truck in texas stealing wifi in a whole foods parking lot says the periodic table and atoms, themselves, are bullshit; which goes to show that any fool can see thru the hustle.

    please look into the psientific arts for yourself; the truth isn’t hidden, you just need eyes to see.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Mother-fucker… I never thought I’d say it.:
      ” I’m with the university of whole foods parkin’ lot. ”
      Keep on, brother. I reckon you’re going to a good place. Quite a trip.


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