Audiochat – July 19, 2015

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Who? Ab, Psyopticon


The return of psyOpticon .. doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? I try shed light on last year’s controversy.

Psy states that he removed all references on LRF to his 0;Tavistock Tim” vitriol. Let’s hope he can contribute positively here and in the audiochats.

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17 thoughts on “Audiochat – July 19, 2015

  1. khammad

    If we were all taking a vote to see if we wanted psyopticon to come back or not, I would vote NO.

    According to what I have personally experienced with psyopticon, a paid government disrupter is what he should be labeled as.

    CLEARLY, psyopticon got orders to come back here for what ever reason. Who else would put himself through this embarrassment unless they were getting paid to do it? Only a government shill would do that.

    After spreading discord at, and and elsewhere, I think psyopticon should have a LIFETIME BAN ON ACCOUNT OF BEING A GOVERNMENT SHILL, that is, if we are voting on it.

    Be warned all ye trolls who venture here, we have a way to deal with you:

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Hehe. What could we expect him to ‘clear up’ ?
      What about clearing-up Felix’s question? ‘Who tapped up whom, Ab?’

      This is interesting,

      On the face of it, it tends towards looking highly suspect on your part, but I listened to the audio again and I dunno… you’re a talker rather than a writer aren’t you? You say as much. I’m here because I like hearing you talk about things. I enjoyed the audio. I can happily listen to Psyopticon talking. He’s intelligent. Certainly more intelligent than me, regarding plenty of things. There’s things I can learn from him and, as a lover of knowledge, I do warm to him. I always got things from him, even when he was being a little obtuse. I think some of his writing is hilarious. At the end of the day, what do you want?
      A good laugh or an argument?
      The thing is, there’s history and specific evidence. We’ve had this before.
      Ultimately we don’t want deliberately fallacious research here do we? We have to keep this a resort of sanity as best we can and much as he talks plenty of good sense, he throws in the nonsense (He talks about that very idea regarding Larouche’s activity in this audio. Which seems almost a confession and perhaps, a fair point ).

      Hey, but what about the schizophrenic relationship with September Clues and the one remaining post at LRF where he was inviting Brianv to ‘come over’? Haha someones having a giraffe 🙂 Then,
      in this audio he speaks of the previously termed ‘haven of horrors’ and ‘Herr Shack and co’ in fairly glowing terms. ”I’m not sure why I was banned” he says, timidly.
      Haha! What? He calls himself a researcher and he can’t work that one out?
      This is it, you see, you get the schizophrenia.

      Now, did you just reinstate him manually to the site on a whim? How did it happen Ab?
      You gotta tell us?

      Whatever, it was good to hear him again in a more sober state and to give the man a chance to apologise seems pretty fair, in retrospect.

      About 36 minutes he seems to make an effort to sound pleased that I’d asked the question about The Mountbatten assassination.

      1. ab Post author

        We need to do an audio about this. I’d like you and psyopticon and Simon and even brianv to join in. If psyopticon is a deliberate deceiver, then let us expose him. You say you have already, and I believe you. As odd as it may seem, even if he is a deceiver, we have more in common than we do with the average citizen. Psy asked me to fix an old post that was harmless, and I engaged him in conversation and asked him to remove his silly tavistock Tim posts in exchange for some Titanic posts and some audiochat. If this is so offensive to all, then I can reevaluate this token of goodwill.

        1. Tom Dalpra


          That sounds good. I’d do that, happily.
          I’ve got an issue in that I can’t see the chat on my computer for some reason. Not for months.
          It just makes it a little more tricky to hook up.

          It can be done. Email me. We can arrange something if the will is there. You never know, that would be interesting.

      2. Tom Dalpra

        ( continued) Maybe he was pleased. I have felt at times we have been mutually fascinated by things.

        I’d just wondered if that was why he’d ‘come back’ here? xileffilex says it’s to distract from Chris’ idea about sheep-dipping. Really?

        But, you could have just asked him on a whim and he could have gone into a flurry of activity to pave his way back, with evidence scattered behind. This audio is justification, I think. At least it documents a quirky moment. What is he thinking of?

        1. xileffilex

          I mentioned sheep dipping, Tom, because as you will remember Edna/Psy posited the ludicrous suggestion that fake births are being registered and were registered way back in time in order to recreate a fake death years later. Then Psy went running to LRF to mount ad hom attacks on me, as well as Kham and Ab, deliberately misrepresenting my views. It’s also interesting that Psy has reappeared immediately following the 7/7 “10th”, having submitted some research to the CF thread on 7/7 under the moniker “Reichstag Fireman” in 2012
          where again he seems to be trying to lead us away from real actors being relocated [or dipped] as suggested by pdgalles.

        2. xileffilex

          Tom – I accidentally came across the comments by Psy on this thread
          and they prove my point exactly, re sheep dipping or duping. It’s a rabbit hole par excellence.

          At 2:28:52 in Chris’s last Hoaxbuster call, one of the callers, in a jovial knockabout over voices, name checks Edna. “He’s Psyopticon, man”
          “Queston the premise…
          [good show btw…Chris really nails the absurd death:injury ratios when some alleged maniac is spraying bullets around versus the reality of recovery from gunshot wounds. Get the initial message out there quickly by CNN/BBC etc, and who is going to question it further? Well, perhaps fakeologists…]

  2. aralsea

    Nice to hear Psy again and I think his apology is sincere. I just didn’t ever hear the voice morphing like others did. It wasn’t voice morphing…it was that old vice called booze. Thanks Ab.

    1. ab Post author

      The voice morphing wasn’t. It was a massive distraction used to waste time and divide. It worked for some apparently.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Well, whatever the voice morphing bullshit was, it wasn’t what revealed Psyopticon as a shill, to me.
        What the incident did do, though, was expose Psyopticon as a shill, to others. Quite notable others.
        Simon Shack duly looked at an Edna post on Clues, instantly saw a straw man and banned him.
        Can we acknowledge that that happened, at least?

        Simon Shack spotted a strawman in an Edna post and banned him.
        We’re talking about someone who was identified by Simon Shack as deliberately messing with research.

        I made a post below.
        In it, I describe how Psyopticon has attached straw men to my original research.
        It’s as clear as day.
        He’s a shill, there to undermine genuine research.

        It’s subtle, but not that subtle. If you can’t see it, some of us can.
        Very, very, clearly.

        He removed all his Tavistock Tim references over night and came back to fakeologist ?
        Haha…. what?

        The thing is, he hasn’t really got any other tricks.
        He’s exposed and a sitting duck.
        Because, as we always say, the research speaks for itself.

        I’ll make it quite clear again. Psyopticon is a bullshit artist – an agent of some sort.
        He has attached bullshit to some of my original research and I can show you this in black and white. The evidence is there.

        If you don’t understand what Psyopticon does, then that’s fair enough, but some of us do and you won’t look very clever at all, entertaining him.

      2. xileffilex

        I think he’s sent to divert attention from sheep dipping [cheers, Chris], a key to interpreting many suspicious media events. [try posting an anonymous comment on that subject to the aangirfan hangout or Icke….it will not appear I guarantee you] How did his comments get deleted at LRF? Who tapped up whom, Ab? Let’s watch what he adds to any discusson with interest. Simon seems to think Edna is DeepConfusion. I’d go with Ozzy. Different style, aside from the fact that they argue convincingly with each other.…

  3. psyopticon

    Hi Tim and friends,

    Thanks for letting me have another go. I’ll be sure not to mix the liquor with teamspeak again! Tim asked me to remove references to the Tavistock on LRF, which I’ve hopefully done, but if any references are remaining, please give me a poke.

    I’ve been working on a couple of historical psyops – the non-existent Titanic and the Britannic; only the Olympic out of the class of three sister-ships was ever built.

    The key to understanding the Titanic hoax (imho) is to examine the move from coal-fired furnaces to oil-fired in the White Star liners. That move required the hull of the “Titanic” (realname the Olympic) to be cut-open and stripped right down, for double-skinning, to create new oil tanks. This was done under the guise of improving safety – double-skinned vessels can sustain greater collision damage. The trick was to hide that fuel conversion work, which took months, under the auspices of improving safety, and paid for out of the insurance swindle from “Sinking the Titanic”.

    The second hoax is a really weird one. I’m convinced that lots of stately homes, country houses and castles that supposedly once dotted the British countryside never existed. They were fakes from the beginning, or their legend was only told long after they were supposedly demolished. As for a reason for doing this, I’m currently baffled. If the theory is correct, any ideas? Perhaps just to keep the little people permanently confused; and/or to disguise the real power-brokers in British high society.

    Anyway, other than minor local psyops, those have been my two areas of independent research.

    Great to see Tom and Felix working on the Dickie Battenberg Hoax. There’s a little bit about that from me, posted in the (private) forum on Chris Spivey’s site:

    It’s probably good to read the Battenberg Hoax in parallel to the Lord & Lady Gibson bomb psyop of 1987. Lord Maurice Gibson was the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, allegedly. That was until he and his wife were apparently blown to pieces by an IRA bomb. A terror attack that was in retaliation, allegedly, for a shoot-to-kill of some teenaged joyriders who failed to stop at a checkpoint. Gibson was allegedly assassinated for exonerating the soldier(s) who allegedly shot the apparent joyriders.

    The attack on Gibson, real or imagined, was used to accuse the Gardai (Irish Police) of collusion with IRA terrorists. That accusation led to a public inquiry –…

    Gibson and his apparent wife were really old, so it’s quite possible, like Dickie Battenburg, they just croaked from old age. and their natural deaths were dressed up as terrorist-murders, to “get things going” in the north of Ireland.

    So what we possibly have is one hoax balanced precariously, and wholly reliant on the acceptance of an earlier hoax. Rinse and repeat, argumentum ad absurdum! If there was no shooting of a joyrider, then there was no joyrider-marksman for Lord Chief Justice Gibson to exonerate, therefore there was no need to retaliate by killing Gibson, therefore there was no Gardai collusion in Gibson’s killing! Oh what a tangled web we weave!

    Thanks, psyopticon.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Hello Soldier,

      ” so it’s quite possible, like Dickie Battenburg, they just croaked from old age, and their natural deaths were dressed up as terrorist-murders, to “get things going” in the north of Ireland.”

      Mmm…possibly, OR, Dickie just faked his death and had the pleasure of watching his own State Funeral.? He would have loved that; infact, I bet he did. Obviously, the credibility of the Op would be enhanced by a real Mountbatten actually having been there in Ireland and having been witnessed getting on his boat.

      Your theory is easily shot down, if Dickie was really there.
      And I think he probably was.

      It occurs to me that you may have been specifically ‘brought back’ because I called out the Mountbatten assassination as a hoax Psyopticon ? It’s clearly one of your areas.

      This first post ? I reckon you should have come back with, at least , one or two intelligent pieces of analysis without a strawman attached. It may have built your credibility a bit, which was totally shot when you lost-it on cider and amphetamine, all those months ago. I knew you were an agent already, it was no surprise to me.

      This is just more of the same, Psyopticon.
      It’s a bit like your theory with Hillsborough, that the whole thing was faked including an evacuated stadium!!
      Haha. Yeh, right, that one can be shot down by about 50,000 people if people were really in the stadium…which it seems, they were.

      Funny you’ve kept that picture, as well: the cat, as the bag- screwed up the arse.
      Your job, I suggest, is to try and stop the ‘cat getting out of the bag’ , by keeping the cat, as the bag.

      I can’t believe you kept it.
      It’s quite sweet. . You really like that picture don’t you?…

      All said and done, I bear no ill will.

      On the contrary, I’m slightly concerned that it’s not sensible , from your point of view, that you do come back. You know how upset you got last time? But, sigh, I suppose you’ve got to listen to orders? Management …it’s the same everywhere, – what the fuck do they know? They’ll end up exposing the whole shambles if they’re not careful.

      You’re in a big spotlight here ie EVERYTHING YOU TYPE is up for analysis with the firm knowledge that you are actually an operative of some sort – a shill, as they say.
      We can learn a lot from everything you type, as to how an agent of untruth operates.

      Reading between the lines of some of your stuff, can be informative .
      And it’s nice to have someone intelligent to talk to, sometimes, even if you do have to be aware that they’re there, deliberately, to misdirect the debate,

      That said, we’ve had a laugh before, and I don’t think you’re that bad a sport.
      Hello again Mr. Let the games commence, if they must.

  4. Master of None

    This is somewhat of an aside as you only briefly touched on nuclear power and electricity, but I’ve always wondered if the safety protocols for electrician apprenticeships/training programs aren’t just about safety, but even more so to prevent people from experimenting or stumbling upon the secrets about electricity.

    I think this same gatekeeping applies to every industry, job, etc. In the medical world it would be under the auspices of, “standard of care”.

    Compartmentalize knowledge (in every job, field, industry) and convince everyone that everything has been figured out so there is no need to try and innovate further and that only a licensed/bonded/educated/registered whatever is able to do the job- not lowly you.

    I bet everyone has some insight about how the world has been manipulated through the lens of the work they do, be it about the true price of goods, the necessity of products or services, better cheaper solutions that are kept under wraps, lobbyists, who works synergistically to create a work feedback loop for each other, etc. all the layers of deception to create “busy-ness” and unecessary complexity so that we are all on the hamster wheel to earn money to pay to keep everyone else occupied with “busy-ness” as well and therefore mired in the same problems, chasing our own tails for generations, instead of outing who is creating this system built to con all of us out of our time, money and quality of life.


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