The Blue Marble

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There’s only one complete picture of earth from space.

This alone should make people question and all their space stories.

The Blue Marble is a famous photograph of the Earth, taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft, at a distance of about 45,000 kilometers (28,000 miles). It is one of the most iconic, and among the most widely distributed images in human history.[1][2]

The photograph was taken about 5 hours and 6 minutes after launch of the Apollo 17 mission,[3] and about 1 hour 54 minutes after the spacecraft left its parking orbit around the Earth, to begin its trajectory to the Moon. The time of Apollo 17‘s launch, 12:33 a.m. EST, meant that Africa was in daylight during the early hours of the spacecraft’s flight. With the December solstice approaching, Antarctica was also illuminated.

Source: The Blue Marble – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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4 thoughts on “The Blue Marble

  1. Tom Dalpra

    A composite ( 3 images apparently ) taken from One Million Miles away! Ha!
    You’ve gotta love that figure haha. Exactly one million miles, or just roughly?
    You need a good old telephoto lens from that distance. That’d strain yer eyes ‘n’all.

    How hilarious. To get a good picture that was perfectly achievable with a Hasselbad camera from 28.000 miles in 1972, we need to go a million miles away ? Oh that’s logical is it? ”

    ” Where are you Dave? Take the photo.”………*long pause *… puzzled looks*… *phone rings*……
    ”Hello Dave, you alright, where the fuck are ya? We’re ready for you to take the photo”
    ”I’m in Norway. Don’t worry, I’ve got a fuckin’ good lens”

    A NASA camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite has returned its first view of the entire sunlit side of Earth from one million miles away.” NASA on Facebook.

    It’s absurd but not really a surprise considering everything else.
    They might as well go for overkill. Make it seem fantastically hard to take a photo of Earth.
    1972 was a fluke we can overlook now we’ve got these million mile composites.
    The debate is over people. There. They have got a photo!


    A religious icon. A fundamental corner-stone of belief in the ‘civilised World’.
    Straight from The Whitehouse: a fresh shiny new one 🙂…

  2. cj

    I’m signed up for White House emails (for laughs mainly) and apparently they read your posting AB, because Neil deGrasse Tyson himself just emailed me a new “Blue Marble”!

    (Just a screenshot of the top of the email, more difficult for me to screen the whole thing but it includes text from Neil)

    I searched for the title “A new blue marble” and up popped this article from Scott Kelly. Seems to be part of the same campaign. They promise new blue marbles on a regular basis now…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Hi, cj. Nice to hear from you – thanks for the laugh. I meant to post my above text in answer to your post.
      Excuse me, for that.

      1. cj

        No problem, I was laughing my ass off when I saw the email, especially because it was from Neil deGrasse Tyson

        Also I do still lurk here I know I’ve been inactive when it comes to commenting. Just so many hoaxes so little time…


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