DoD and Hollywool

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Tom is an interesting character and podcaster and some nuggets about how the department of defence has its tentacles in most TV shows and movies.  No wonder the show Undercover Boss had a reference.

I reflect on my recent experiences with the media, both mainstream and alternative, and what they say about the state of both. From a Huffington Post journalist who wanted me to play the in his anniversary article to the alternative media’s utter dumbwittedness in inaccurately reporting on a recent FOIA success, this is another one of those shows where I complain a lot. But on the plus side the outro is very danceable. (Read more…)

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2 thoughts on “DoD and Hollywool

  1. xileffilex

    Let’s turn it on its head. Scriptwriting is an important employment area for work at the DoD, MI6 etc etc All those back stories – miraculous escapes, glowing biographies, twists of fate – fed to the media aren’t written by “intelligence analysts” or Physics PhDs… The intelligence service and Hollywood are pretty similiar anyway – both putting out a fake reality.

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