Question the premise

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Chris asks why the premises of the large questionable  hoaxes and constructs aren’t questioned.

5-ways-every-conspiracy-theory-makes-world-worse Chris Deviates from Protocol, Fallacious Reasoning, Appeals to Authority, Darwinism, Statism, Public School Indoctrination, Voting, Politics, Bernie Sanders, Rochelle Calls in, Network Calls in, Uninstall Media(Steve)calls in, John Adams (Chone) calls in, , Giffords Shooting, Virginia Tech Shooting, 9/11 Surfer, 9/11 Squeegee Hero, 9/11 Exploding Infant, Gabby Giffords Skull Fragment Cocktail Party Ice Breaker, New Baby Secret: she whispers just to you….1;Allahu Akbar”….(BOOM!)

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