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Rigged lottery rigging story

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Here’s a likely fake story about rigging the lotteries. Lots of occult numerology, an incoherent story,  and other nonsense to obscure the google search of the growing realisation that the lottery is fixed and there are (statistically) no big winners of any frequency.

If you want to gamble, it’s probably better to do it privately. At least the odds are probably better.

Played honestly, the odds of winning the $14-million Hot Ticket Lotto in Iowa are 29 million to one.

Played Eddie Tipton’s way, they were 100 per cent.


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Why no BASA?

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Why no ass-true-not program in Britain, the world leader in domination and subjugation?

My guess is they don’t have a Hollywood. Without Hollywood, there is no NASA, no space footage, no ball earth models.

Thoughts, fellow (dis)loyalists?

The British space programme is the UK government’s work to develop British space capabilities. The objectives of the current civil programme are to “win sustainable economic growth, secure new scientific knowledge and provide benefits to all citizens.”[1]The British space programme has always emphasized unmanned space research and commercial initiatives. It has never been government policy to create a British astronaut corps.[2][3] The British government did not provide funding for the International Spa

Source: British space programme – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also in this wiki, showing how satellites went from fiction to fact so quickly:

Scientific interest in space travel existed in the United Kingdom prior to World War II, particularly amongst members of the British Interplanetary Society (founded in 1933) whose members included Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author and conceiver of the geostationary telecommunications satellite, who joined the BIS before World War II.


David Cameron would hate this kind of talk

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The CIA is in your food

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An innovative look at how your culture creators and influencers are in your kitchen. Food is one of the most overlooked (by researchers but not military) weapons to control people. There food leaders need to be controlled.

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KHA42-It’s Time to Roll with Rollo

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K Ham Radio

Date: July 23, 2015

Rollo was the guest for the Special Episode #42!!!!!



  • Michael Shermer’s Book: Why People Believe Weird Things. Michael is a real big jerk and wants researchers to know it. He does his best to shame those who question the media and government.

I guess the word “LIVE” isn’t good enough any more, NASA has to use the words “RIGHT NOW” to prove this fly-by really happened.

pluto, right now

This new image of the planet Pluto looks too much like the Disney character Pluto to be an accident.

pluto on pluto

“New Horizons already has beamed back the best-ever images of Pluto” 

One last image from NASA: “Members of the @NASANewHorizons team react to seeing the sharpest image so far.”    – From a NASA tweet.  Is it just me or does this image look more like people reacting to someone passing gas.

nasa happy at pluto

  • Could CGI be replacing crisis actors?  The evidence is pointing in that direction. Arnold Schwarzenegger looks better than ever in his latest Terminator movie. Sandra Bullock looked flawless in Gravity. The movies are admittedly using CGI, and people are not even aware of it. Could modern day hoaxes also be using CGI?  Is this the mental block we have in media fakery: That we cannot tell a CGI person from a real human actor?
  • Museums make their own dinosaur skeletons. Ab brought attention to this most excellent article that explains how museums want models. “But the job secured through that ad ultimately led May to launch Research Casting Inc., a company that’s been placing fossil replicas in museums from Argentina to Japan for the past 28 years.”  Are there any real dinosaur bones in museums?  Almost never.

museum makes dinosaurs

  • Sirius Satellite Radio uses NO satellites, never did. I have knowledge from one of their technicians. Turns out satellite radio is just cell tower radio. They are reliant on terrestrial cellphone towers. So why lie about using satellites in the first place?


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