Why no BASA?

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Why no ass-true-not program in Britain, the world leader in domination and subjugation?

My guess is they don’t have a Hollywood. Without Hollywood, there is no NASA, no space footage, no ball earth models.

Thoughts, fellow (dis)loyalists?

The British space programme is the UK government’s work to develop British space capabilities. The objectives of the current civil programme are to 0;win sustainable economic growth, secure new scientific knowledge and provide benefits to all citizens.”[1]The British space programme has always emphasized unmanned space research and commercial initiatives. It has never been government policy to create a British astronaut corps.[2][3] The British government did not provide funding for the International Spa

Source: British space programme – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also in this wiki, showing how went from fiction to fact so quickly:

Scientific interest in space travel existed in the United Kingdom prior to World War II, particularly amongst members of the British Interplanetary Society (founded in 1933) whose members included Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author and conceiver of the geostationary telecommunications satellite, who joined the BIS before World War II.


David Cameron would hate this kind of talk

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3 thoughts on “Why no BASA?

  1. xileffilex

    Going “up” shortly on mission “Principia” – Major Tim Peake. December 15]


    Britain does not contribute to manned space flight programmes, preferring to put resources into satellites and robotic missions.

    As a result, Dr Sharman has used her first public appearance in recent years to hit out at the British Government’s reluctance to involve itself in human space flight, and call for a dramatic shift in policy that will see funds dedicated to manned space flight.

    The British Interplanetary Society has been leading the campaign to get the Government to invest. On Friday, it gave Dr Sharman a silver pin to mark her achievement

    A decade ago, Dr Sharman withdrew from public life, and has refused to talk publicly about her experiences in space since. Her only contact with the space community has been through the friends she made during that time, apart from an involvement in a few science education programmes and foundations.

    An intensely private person, she will not talk about what she has been doing, or even about her family.

    July 6 2009

    [Sharman took a “took a privately-funded trip to the Mir space station in 1991”]

    Open-necked shirts and the Principia, which of course, includes the law of universal gravitation:

    The apple that fell to earth

  2. xileffilex

    We didn’t have enough space, Tom [or to put it another way, couldn’t hide the fakery]
    Did you see this film

    Love the “digging” at about 1:00 – probably filmed near Shepperton Studios….
    So they had to take it to Australia [lots of space…..]

    no site in Britain provided enough space for test flights,

    How much space does space flight need?

    Strange true aside – as a very small entity, I witnessed [not saw or observed ;=) a large object on a low loader travelling at Very low speed , much less than escape velocity, on the A10 in Tottenham in 1963. It was probably a hoax in a box, prominently labelled “Blue Streak”. *** This was in the era when all ice lollies were shaped as rockets and the collectors’ cards inside the wrapper showed well known spacemen, women and dogs [Stryelka and Byelka]

    AmySavage6 4 months ago
    To me it’s always seemed a bit odd that the British nuke missile- and space programmes never got further… After all Britain has always been in the quite forefront of engineering and and science..

    quite….but that site at Spadeadam near Carlisle looks pretty good to me for a launch pad. [2:50 above] I guess these things might come down pretty close to home if things go wrong- you wouldn’t want them landing on somewhere like Lockerbie nearby.

    *** wow, this is the vehicle I remember, at 3:30 onwards in the lower video en route from Stevenage to the Royal Docks [I think]

  3. Tom Dalpra

    Interesting…we have an expression here: ”Only in America’.
    It’s normally used to refer to something that confounds us. That could never happen here.

    It can have positive or negative connotations, but it’s generally used positively as an excuse for something outrageous. The OJ Simpson trial, on Live TV from the car chase to the court room?
    ”Only in America”.

    Putting a man on the moon ? ”Only in America”.
    It’s a place where unbelievable things have been performed, after all.

    One thought I had was that, justifiably wary schemers may have set up the rocket program after WWII, in the U.S. fairly openly through ‘paperclip’ deliberately with ex Nazis ( see Werner von Braun presenting Disney specials ) so as to have a get-out at some point if need be. You know, ”The Nazis did it in the US, SENSATION!;”

    The British can not look too stupid in the presented view, long term if they take this stance.
    The old power. The ‘ original ‘ white man.
    Like Clinton, perhaps, not wanting to look too stupid in the presented long term view, with his nod and a wink to the moon hoax in his autobiography.

    Maybe they kinda knew the moon hoax would be seen as absurd with time.


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