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This is where participants of the DCP (dead celebrity program) go. Where is it? It’s all around you.  Would you recognize Elvis or Whitney Houston if they moved in beside you?  Maybe, but who would believe you?

I’m sure the most famous among us can be somewhat physically altered, but if they live in rich, more isolated areas then no one would recognize or tell on them.

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New 9/11 pictures out

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Simon put the latest round of 9/11 photos into perspective. I wasn’t going to waste my time posting them but Simon made them humorous.

No 911 TV ARCHIVES would be complete without pics of Mr. Dick himself watching their silly terror-cartoon on Tell_Lie_Vision… <_<

Just released yesterday – “due to a Freedom of Information Act request from documentarian Colette Neirouz Hanna, whose company produces films for PBS’s FRONTLINE, like Bush’s War, Cheney’s Law and The Dark Side.” Yah, right. Surely. :rolleyes:

“We have wanted these photos for years to help us tell the story of probably the most powerful vice president in American history,” Hanna said.”

Source: View topic – THE 9/!! TV ARCHIVES • Cluesforum.info

Dull as nails photo collection ..

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Audiochat – Tom Dalpra

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Who? Ab, Tom Dalpra

When? July 26, 2015


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