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This is where participants of the () go. Where is it? It’s all around you.  Would you recognize Elvis or Whitney Houston if they moved in beside you?  Maybe, but who would believe you?

I’m sure the most famous among us can be somewhat physically altered, but if they live in rich, more isolated areas then no one would recognize or tell on them.

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2 thoughts on “Anonymityville

  1. Jack33

    A few years ago there was a rumor gaining steam that Elvis was alive and well, living in plain sight under an assumed identity up in Canada.
    It just so happens this guy is an accomplished musician of sorts who still makes albums and enjoys mediocre success.

    Before making this post I did a Google search so I could include the guy’s name and some reference links, but I came up empty.

    Now, it seems, when someone tries to search for this in Google using the keywords ‘Elvis’ and ‘Canada’, all they’ll get is a story about a 16 yr old Canadian boy who impersonates Elvis. Of the sixteen pages I went through I couldn’t find anything.

    I’m not saying I believe this guy is Elvis.
    But I do find it odd how I couldn’t find a single mention of it, especially since it was such a big deal in certain circles a few years back.
    It makes you wonder if certain stories are manufactured so that your Google search turns up nothing but that manufactured story…essentially serving to prevent people from finding what they’re searching for.



    1. ab Post author

      Yes and last weekend there were 1000s of Elvises in Collingwood Ontario. Fake stories are used to sew confusion and to google search block.


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