Audiochat – Tom Dalpra

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Who? Ab, Tom Dalpra

When? July 26, 2015


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15 thoughts on “Audiochat – Tom Dalpra

  1. smj

    congrats ab for getting banned from ifers.boards. eric dubay and his unsubtle hidden hand has banned my feral ass from the site as well……

    … so you’ll get no more updates about that devoted flat-earther, banazir, from me.

    i consider anyone campaigning for the flat earth to be an agent; even though i find the notion that we live on a spinning ball nestled in einstein’s warped space-time nest laughable.

    i think dubay makes the tightest case for the flat earth (i think of sargent and the nasa guy as side-shows): i suppose that’s why they soak his bullshit in that volkish mystism, theosophy, eastern mystism, and ‘atlantean’ vril weaponry (judy wood and whatnot), and the vegan ?chological hustle. dubay didn’t discover any of his arguments on his own of course; he cut and pasted centuries old info. and applied a thick layer of the jews are bad therefore hitler was good slime so that any geniune enquirers would be offended. which makes perfect sense considering that germany was hegel’s homeland, right?

    it’s the nothing more than gregor(y) bateson’s schismogenesis (sci- as in science’s scindere and gene- as in it was his daddy that taught us to say genetics)…………

    it’s nothing more than their clumzy attempt to chase the curious (feral fuckers like myself) off of the scent of their bull-?-ence.

    and tom don’t worry; i’m as free as a bird. a bird in a pick-up not a van; this is texas fer feck’s sake.

    by the way, here’s a post i did on hoaxbusters in response to that intrepid jew hunter negentropic about the dastardly jewz and those poor unwitting kennedys. i included a response i received from one of the ifers.boards agents for symmetry’s sake at the end…

    the same group that did the 9/11 movie did the jfk movie, they signed their work………

    both events were movies, but i’m expected to believe that they killed jack (the equivalent of an academy award winner) in ’63; yet they wouldn’t kill a bunch of actors that nobody knew in 2001. shit the chairman of the kennedy library is fuckin’ ken ‘the masters of disasters’ feinberg, the same ken feinberg that said the zapruder film was not only real but that it was also worth 16 million dollars.

    the kennedy clan can’t be in on the hustle; thay ain’t jews, right? just crazy jew families would be that deep in the hustle right? so it must follow that the jews forced teddy to accept the ‘master of disasters’ to be his chief of staff back in da day of course.

    and why would those dastardly jews wanna kill jack – wasn’t it joe that taught the evil jews how to finance a proper hollywood studio – didn’t joe partner-up with general sarnoff to push the talkies? good ole t keith glennan happened to be pushing the talkies for their rivals we’re told. the jfk library will tell you about joe’s hollywood exploits. ……

    for fuck’s sake didn’t joe work with bill paley during his hollywood days? bill married ‘babe’ cushing of course. babe was the daughter of harvey cushing, the father of neurosurgery. one of harvey’s other daughters married joe’s best friend james roosevelt. james didn’t make his first fortune in hollywood like his buddy joe, but he was samuel goldwyn’s right-hand man we’re told. let’s not forget that harvey was the atom-smasher’s little brother’s mentor and that he encouraged the hustling lawrences to invent nuclear medicine using a scam (particle accelerators) that leo szilard made-up.

    for a comedic aside, here’s a picture of the atom smasher’s first successful acelerator……

    …but whatever; general sarnoff, paley, szilard, and feinberg were evil jews; and the kennedys, the roosevelts, lawrences, and the cushings are but unwitting dupes of course.

    the hustle is obvious. the kennedys are an acting clan. their lives are spent driving the narrative and they are handsomely rewarded for their efforts. i have no idea what happened to that dude we were taught to call jfk; but i am quite sure they didn’t kill that fuckin’ actor on the ? symbol in dallas. same goes for that fuckin’ actor we were taught to call bobby; his sister didn’t seem all that upset that night on stage minutes after another one of her brothers had just eaten his serving of lead. go to the seven and a half minute mark of this video and pay attention to the ditzy bitch as she hits her mark…

    …the idiot talking was her husband stephen smith; he ran the kennedy family office of course……

    here’s a post i made on the ifers.boards about the bullshitter we call joe kennedy:

    here’s my favorite t. keith quote…

    “When the apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon on 20 July 1969, I was glued to a television screen at the Bohemian Grove north of San Francisco and was as thrilled and emotionally moved as anyone could be.” – T. Keith Glennan

    when t. keith was in the talkie business working for at&t through erpi he was rivals with some dude named joe kennedy. joe was pushing the talkies thru rko and pathe. joe was the quintessential hustler we’re told…

    “Kennedy began learning about the market in 1919 when he joined the Boston office of the Hayden Stone investment house. In 1926 he moved to New York City where he began to develop in earnest an interest in film. Kennedy produced some features, but more importantly he spurred a wave of consolidation that produced RKO and made him millions. Then Kennedy merged RKO with Pathé and, in a move typical of the era, made more millions while reducing less fortunate investors to penury”…é…

    joe teamed up with rca, which was really the military…

    Seeking a customer for Photophone, in late 1927 David Sarnoff, then general manager of RCA, approached Joseph P. Kennedy about using the system for Kennedy’s modest-sized studio, Film Booking Offices of America (FBO). Negotiations resulted in General Electric acquiring a substantial interest in FBO—Sarnoff had apparently already conceived of a plan for the company to attain a central position in the film industry, maximizing Photophone revenue. Next on the agenda was securing a string of exhibition venues like those the leading Hollywood production companies owned. Kennedy began investigating the possibility of such a purchase. Around that time, the large Keith-Albee-Orpheum (KAO) circuit of theaters, built around the then-fading medium of live vaudeville, was attempting a transition to the movie business. In mid-1927, the filmmaking operations of Pathé Exchange and Cecil B. De Mille’s Producers Distributing Corporation (PDC) had united under KAO’s control. Early in 1928, KAO general manager John J. Murdock, who had assumed the presidency of Pathé, turned to Kennedy as an adviser in consolidating the studio with De Mille’s company, PDC. This was the relationship Sarnoff and Kennedy sought.[2][3][b]…

    sarnoff wasn’t in charge; the military was of course; and they didn’t hide it because nobody looks. owen young was on the german reparations committee for fuck’s sake…

    “The incorporation of the assets of Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America (including David Sarnoff,[7]) the Pan-American Telegraph Company, and those already controlled by the United States Navy led to a new publicly held company formed by General Electric (which owned a controlling interest) on October 17, 1919.[8] The following cooperation among RCA, General Electric, the United Fruit Company, the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T) brought about innovations in high-power radio technology, and also the founding of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) in the US. The Army and the Navy granted RCA the former American Marconi radio terminals that had been confiscated during the War. Admiral Bullard received a seat on the Board of Directors of RCA for his efforts in establishing RCA. The result was federally-created monopolies in radio for GE and the Westinghouse Corporation and in telephone systems for the American Telephone & Telegraph Company.”……

    kennedy donated a shit ton of pathe footage to nelson rockefeller’s mommy’s institute of the muses we are told……

    … which is only natural seeing as the moma is military as well…

    “We also find the Rockefellers behind Modernism, and the Independent admits it.

    Pre-eminent among these was Nelson Rockefeller, whose mother had co-founded the Museum of Modern Art [MOMA] in New York. As president of what he called “Mummy’s museum”, Rockefeller was one of the biggest backers of Abstract Expressionism (which he called “free enterprise painting”). His museum was contracted to the Congress for Cultural Freedom to organise and curate most of its important art shows.

    There you have it. Remember, the Congress of Cultural Freedom is the CIA (see two quotes above). So we have published proof from a mainstream London newspaper that Rockefeller conspired with the CIA to promote Modernism, and he did it prior to the Cold War. If Abstract Expressionism were only being promoted as part of the Cold War, then why were the Rockefellers supporting Modernism as far back as 1929? MOMA was founded in 1929, and there was no Cold War in 1929. Russia wasn’t even an enemy in 1929. Russia was an ally up until the end of WW2. The Independent contradicts itself in its own article, which is indication it is trying to spin the story even as it “leaks” it.

    Also notice that Rockefeller calls Abstract Expressionism “free enterprise painting.” This is classic Newspeak. Since Abstract Expressionism is being promoted by the CIA, it is the opposite of free enterprise painting. It is contracted propaganda. Abstract Expressionism is CIA painting, and there is nothing “free enterprise” about the CIA. The CIA is and always has been about control.

    And we get more astonishing information, poorly spun:

    William Paley, the president of CBS broadcasting and a founding father of the CIA, sat on the members’ board of the museum’s [MOMA’s] International Programme. John Hay Whitney, who had served in the agency’s wartime predecessor, the OSS, was its chairman. And Tom Braden, first chief of the CIA’s International Organisations Division, was executive secretary of the museum in 1949.
    Wow, so MOMA is really the CIA’s museum. We are never told that over here in the States, are we? It is also worth looking at Tom Braden’s quote in this article:
    We wanted to unite all the people who were writers, who were musicians, who were artists, to demonstrate that the West and the United States was devoted to freedom of expression and to intellectual achievement, without any rigid barriers as to what you must write, and what you must say, and what you must do, and what you must paint, which was what was going on in the Soviet Union. I think it was the most important division that the agency had, and I think that it played an enormous role in the Cold War.”

    braden wrote what became the tv show ‘eight is enough’ and he was a host of cross-fire on cnn of course……

    here’s jack on his daddy’s old newsreel movie company coming thru live and full of shit on our first communications satellite ‘telstar’……

    and yes, its that telstar for all you footballers out there………

    here’s bobby’s spokesman, frank fabian mankiewicz- dude’s name was fabian for feck’s sake, solemnly announcing his assasination……

    … frank’s dad was herman mankiewicz, the famous screenwriter who co-wrote citzen kane. citizen kane was released by rko of course.…

    p.s. bill paley was married to babe paley, the daughter of harvey fuckin cushing, harvey cushing was john lawrence’s mentor.

    so let’s not forget that leo szilard started the first reactor with fermi; there’s a big ass accelerator at fermi lab of course- fermi is a ‘nother story but I don’t feel like swimming in the fermi sea right now, in ci cago and he gave ernest ‘the atom smasher’ the idea for the cyclotron. ernest’s little bro, john, invented nuclear medicine we’re told using his brothers sweet new gadget. john got in on the hustle after his mentor, harvey cushing, advised him to……

    “John and Ernest returned to Harvard to consult John’s esteemed mentor there, Harvey Cushing, the country’s most eminent brain surgeon. He was dazzled by what they reported. “This field of radiation is something big,” he concluded. “I think medicine now is at a threshold like the one when I was a young doctor at the time that bacteriology was discovered.” In 1937, John Lawrence moved to Berkeley to build a research program in nuclear medicine. With the help of Ernest, he raised the money to build the Donner Laboratory, of which he ultimately became the director. The Donner Laboratory remains on the campus to this day, an important link between the campus and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.”…

    …and because the hustle is narrow but deep harvey’s daughter, babe, was a famous socialite of course. she was married to the CIA/CBS hustler mentioned above, paley, and they are both buried in cold spring harbor- which is hilarious if you’ve paid attention to the narrative.

    p.s.s. there’s nothing to worry about cern or the diamond light source. they don’t experiment on particles at those places; they do social experiments on the clowns that work there. i’m sure you’ve heard of the calutron girls?…….

    …and here’s a personal message one the ifers agents/mods sent me:

    Dear SMJ,

    Could you please create a ‘Jewish Influence On The Arts’ thread, and edit your comment so that it is the opening comment of that thread.

    I would appreciate it, because I am trying to keep every thread on topic, but I don’t want to delete your comment because it contains interesting info.


    …and here’s my response:

    well, the thing is t. keith and joe kennedy ain’t jews. general sarnoff was a jew working for the military of course. feel free to delete my post or move to the appropriate thread- i just responded to sphankme’s post about glennan seeing as i’ve researched the guy and i thought him competing with joe kennedy was interesting information for those who might be trying to figure out the hustle. maybe a thread about the kennedy acting clan and there court jews would be appropriate; might as well start with ken ‘ the masters of disasters’ feinberg who just so happens to be the chairman of the kennedy library who gave the zapruder heirs 16 million dollars for the zapruder film we’re told.

    -i’ve since been banned from ifers.boards of course. but hey its probably my fault; they can’t be all bad over there – they do hate da dastardly jewz.

    by the way i’m looking forward to your next pound quote. william luther pierce was also a big fan of ezra of course and the civil war aristocracy apparently…


    … it should go without saying that the kennedys are nothing more than a narrative device. everything is a scam, the war between the states included. ever heard of wilmer mclean?…

    funny that your boy schrodinger was quite the fan of the jewz we’re told. that’s why that dialectical hustler we were taught to call hitler ran him out of germany, right negentropic?

    … not that both hitler and schrodinger weren’t completely full of shit of course.

    p.s. stephen smith and jean kennedy produced the psi-actor william kennedy smith of course……

  2. Jack33

    Nice job Tom.

    I always enjoy reading what you post, and listening to you proved to be equally enjoyable.

    Hope we get the chance to hear more from you.


  3. Tom Dalpra

    We look out to the horizon and we can’t see the the true vanishing point -infinity. So our eyes fix a finite one, and change our perspective. That’s what I was trying to say. Samuel Rowbotham must have rolled in his grave. I cringed. Excuse me.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Yeh, sorry. I’m a bit manic. I cringe listening to myself.
      You get into a conversation and you forget. I was kind of hoping Ab wouldn’t post it, but he’ll post anything 🙂
      For the record, if this was in Dutch, I’d really struggle!

      1. xileffilex

        Some pointers here from February 25 2015…

        ” According to the source, [close to Bobbi Kristina’s family] Bobbi Kristina’s condition is “severe.”
        Her partner, Nick Gordon,
        performed CPR on her until medics arrived
        Additionally, reports from Radar Online surfaced that Whitney Houston’s daughter was into a $5,000 a week heroin and crack addiction before she was found unresponsive on January 31.
        Currently it’s not expected that Bobbi Kristina will be her normal self or fully recover if she awakens.

        A touch of the Peaches. No, she will certainly not be her normal self.

        But wait a minute……
        Feb 13 2015

        Bobbi’s aunt Leolah, sister of Bobby Brown, said the family was hopeful her niece, who she called Krissy, would recover.
        She said: “There are so many sings [sic] showing us that she will be OK.
        “Krissi is fine “”She’s opening her eyes ” “Krissi is doing well right now.”

        Jan 31 2015

        Lisa Holland of the Roswell, Ga., police pretty well gives the game away in the initial video – do I hear oral duping at about 0.32? She seems very uneasy with the narrative.…
        Bath tub photos courtesy of TMZ….

        Strange old coma.
        Who repored the death? TMZ who brought you the “Fast and Furious” death announcement of Paul Walker

  4. xileffilex

    Good chat – and good voice impressions, Tom. [as indeed Psyopticon is capable of]
    Why hasn’t Psy resurfaced?
    I was a bit stunned when Ohalahan seemed to imply in an earlier chat with Ab that he swallowed all those fake celeb deaths. Ab gave him a reality check – they’re all single sourced by the MSM! Until we have a peep into those caskets ourselves there’s no reason to believe anything about these “deaths”.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Like Paula and Peaches 🙂 She’s gone to be with her Mummy. Why not, in the circumstances?

        It seems quite flipping common, if you will. It was nice to be able to look at that young girl in the morning paper and without batting an eye-lid, kind of know instantly that it’s not a real death.

        I listened to the audio. Excuse my interrupting and over-talking. I was drained and manic by 50 mins and cringe listening back at myself jabbering away in the last hour, but enjoyed it enough and good to chat, Ab.

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