One liar sacrificed to obscure real story

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Two professional liars working for the same beast – one is sacrificed for a small lie that of course had to be orchestrated from the highest level, the other remains for no good reason other than to create a duality and create the illusion that liars will be caught and dealt with. The real facts are that NBC and all media outlets are their to mislead and create an illusion that they are digging for truth rather than lying to steer the herd.

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17 thoughts on “One liar sacrificed to obscure real story

  1. Jack33

    Other than the local stuff , I’m literally unable to watch the news anymore…It’s too frustrating and I get too pissed off.
    And if I’m in a place where I can’t turn it off or change the channel, I’ll physically have to leave the room.
    It’s even more upsetting for me to be in the company of others who are watching and believing it all without question.
    Having to sit there and bite my tongue while I wittness that is pure torture.

    Perhaps I let it all bother me too much.

    I do wonder if any of you all have trouble bringing yourselves to watch the news, knowing what we all know now.


  2. Jack33

    Whether these Brian Williams type agree to become fall guys by choice or through acts of coercion is anybodys guess.
    I dont worry too much about them getting hurt on the way down either way

    I’m sure the golden parachute is plenty big enough to help cushion the fall.


    1. annspinwall4

      I have to agree, they signed the contract and know exactly what they are doing and how they are lying to the American public. I think Scott Pelley is an android, the man has no emotion and speaks in such a calm voice. Sometimes I watch just to see what lies they are spinning.
      My interest in the “coincidence” of Brian W being ruined and the other 4 deaths so close together was the possibility that they were working together on a documentary that told the truth about 9/11. I’ve read that Putin has data dumps that tell exactly what happened and he has threatened to release it. Just being naive I guess, and I don’t know the validity of the Putin info/threat.
      It is so hard not to be able to discuss this with family, they think I’m nuts and refuse to even consider the possibility that 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston etc didn’t happen the way we have been led to believe. They don’t have time to watch video that would give them pause.
      This is a bit off topic but I was born in a small town not far from West, TX. I say no way was that just a fertilizer plant explosion. That final explosion was just too powerful and seemed so different…and there were drills planned in a town not too far away….and Obummer spoke at the service.


      1. Jack33

        Ditto with my family.

        Just the other day my own father said he’d never again go to a movie theater to watch a movie.
        Can you believe that?
        It’s insane, and it made me mad as hell.

        But this is why they do it.

        Because when enough people are too afraid to do the things they’d normally do, that’s when they”ll willingly hand over their rights and freedoms in exchange for the solutIon.

        These are nothing less than acts of terrorism in my opinion.
        And I can’t believe they’re able to get away with it over and over again.

        I just don’t understand how it’s so hard for people to see what’s really happening when it’s so obvious.


        1. annspinwall4

          Theaters, schools, malls, restaurants, Safeway parking lot, beaches and I have probably forgotten some. I am currently reading David McGowen’s book, “Programmed to Kill”. It covers CIA mind control and Satanic ritual abuse. It is available as a PDF.

          What blew me away was his (McGowen’s) series “Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation” and all the intelligence connections between the families of folk rock stars that blossomed during the 60’s. Jim Morrison’s father was Admiral George Stephen Morrison and it was his ship that reported the “attack” in the Tonkin Gulf that started the Vietnam War. Zappa, David Crosby, Mama’s and Papa’s, Joni Mitchell, Terry Melcher, Beach Boys….the list goes on and on and also includes Manson. The connections will make you dizzy and being from that generation it is very upsetting to know that most of the beloved music of the 60’s was recorded by others. Multi part series can be found on his website –
          Oh, forgot to mention the Lookout Mountain Laboratory in Laurel Canyon, built in 1941 by the Air Force, hidden from view on 2 1/2 acres, surrounded by an electrified fence and contained a fully functional movie studio where 19,000 classified films were made and 3-D effects were first developed. It supposedly closed down in 1969, maybe this type studio filmed some of our current hoaxes.


          1. Jack33

            I’m familiar with Dave’s work.
            Just the other day in a discussion thread on another site people were talking about serial killers.
            I made everyone stop and pause when I asked, “what happened to all those scary serial killers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s?How come all of a sudden we don’t see them anymore?” Isn’t it odd how things have shifted so that, now, the new ‘boogie man’ is the mentally ill lone gunman on a shooting spree?”


            1. annspinwall4


              Have you stumbled across the work of Miles Mathis? He is an artist and has numerous “opinion pieces” on his site The opinion pieces can be found under the heading “updates”. He has done research but prefers to call them opinions. Being an artist, he knows light and shadow. His piece on the Tate murders indicate they were faked and didn’t happen. Perhaps another psyop to add to the growing number of older hoaxes and lies. Sharon Tate was 8 1/2 months pregnant (her father was also career military and was in intelligence) and we were told by the media that the baby was cut out of her. With reluctance, Miles searched for pictures on the web and was surprised at what he found. She had not been cut open, there was blood but nothing like we were told. Her skin was pink and luminous and her eyes were open and there was a hint of a smile on her face. She lived in a mansion, but the furniture was shabby. There were pictures of her body that weren’t consistent. Take a look and see what you think. His Tate piece is the longest (86 pages) but I couldn’t stop reading (found this before Dave’s work). You could scroll through and take in the pics and get the gist of the story if you can’t commit to reading the entire paper.
              Very curious.

          2. Jack33

            Yes, I enjoy reading what MM writes.

            All this reminded me that my mother has a hard copy book entitled ‘Helter Skelter’ the true story of the Manson Murders written by Curt Gentry and Vincent Bugliosi, copyright 1974
            It comes complete with crime scene photographs and all.

            Time for another, closer, look.


          3. Jack33

            Thanks again Ab for creating this site.
            Being able to communicate with others ‘in the know’ helps me keep my sanity.

            Perhaps one day there could be a ‘Fakeologist’ conference or a retreat somewhere to give us a chance to meet in person.

            I suggest it be held at Disney Land.


            1. annspinwall4

              Disney Land? Sure, that wouldn’t be strange. Maybe we could tour the area that has the mind control exhibit so we could better understand Britney Spears and other famous clubhouse alumni. Sorry Jack33, I know you were kidding.
              But seriously…Ab, I only found your site a week ago and would also like to thank you. Your vetting process seems to keep the trolls at bay. It is nice to make comments and not have the paid opposition trampling all over you. Much appreciated!

  3. annspinwall4

    Has anyone checked out the “strange, sudden deaths” of 4 mainstream journalists and the ruin of Brian Williams. All happened within 48-72 hours back in Feb 2015. Here is a link.…
    I also read that they were working on a documentary to tell the American people exactly what happened on 9/11. That link here – has to be translated. I have been curious about this for months. Is this crazy or is there some truth to it?…

    1. ab Post author

      The media IS the story. To worry whether major media players were “sacrificed” is like wondering if people die in TV shows. My guess is that it was time to retired those old guys and write them out of the stories. They may have died for real – people do die- but the idea the that they were killed is unlikely. The media may eat their own but I doubt they kill them.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Yeh, sounds like a classic few planted stories to keep up the illusion of – by allusion to – a scary hidden hand.

        There’s that old idea that a mystery rich guy who lives in a big walled residence on the edge of a poor village puts out rumours that he’s a ruthless killer.

        The rumours don’t need to be true, the idea is powerful enough. These rumours are his best protection.

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