It’s 9/11 plane time again

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I hate hearing plane stories in the media. More so than the shortening day, it’s an indication that summer is on the down slope and fall is around the corner. is the reason, of course, as there is usually 6 weeks of plane stories to remind you of the 9/11 .

The cold case known as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been jolted by a piece of flotsam that washed ashore, and now investigators are scrambling again.

Source: Debris washed up on island could be clue to missing Malaysia Flight 370 – The Washington Post

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3 thoughts on “It’s 9/11 plane time again

  1. xileffilex

    They always – even the Washington Post – roll out this rent-a-quote English oceanographer from Southampton UK as an expert He’s been our go-to man from the start
    March 26 2014

    “We don’t have very good maps of this region. It hasn’t been surveyed much in the past.
    “It doesn’t have a strong interest in terms of the resources on the seabed. We’ve probably got better maps of the Moon’s surface than this part of the seabed.”

    or March 20 2014

    It is important to point out that the satellite images of the objects released by Australia are four days old. They are dated Sunday 16 March.

    In his media statement John Young, the general manager of the Australian Maritime and Safety Authority, suggested the authorities had taken their time to analyse the images before stating that they could have been debris from MH370.

    To repeat he said:

    RCC Australia received an expert assessment of commercial satellite imagery on Thursday.

    The images were captured by satellite. They may not be related to the aircraft.

    The assessment of these images was provided by the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation as a possible indication of debris south of the search area that has been the focus of the search operation.

    Tidal drift expert Simon Boxall from Southampton University said the currents in the area were very complex. He said: “If this does prove to be a positive sighting it narrows the search down, but it means we have gone from searching for a needle in a field of haystacks to a needle in a haystack.”

    Speaking to Sky News he said it took an “awful long time” to go through satellite imagery.

    [that was the blurry piece of nonsense here:…
    Other areas of interest to Boxall include rightng the Costa Concordia……

    What a hoax and a half the MH370 s.

    Local television in Reúnion said the debris might not leave the island before Sunday as a cargo plane is needed to transport it to France.…
    [looks about the size of a stand up bass]

    Background – Awaiting details…

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