John Adams AC on the Gabrielle Giffords psyop hoax

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John and Chris bring the deconstruction to the Gabrielle Giffords fake event. This event brought and its tawdry tale to Arizona for good.

One gem: doctors used suspended animation when performing surgery on Gabby. Of course the medical center has never heard of these doctors.

Stephanie Sledge’s book,



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5 thoughts on “John Adams AC on the Gabrielle Giffords psyop hoax

  1. Jack33

    Has anyone looked into whether or not this Jared Lee Loughner character ever really exsisted at all?
    The photo they use for this guy couldn’t look any more fake if you tried.
    It’s almost comical how crazy they made him look.

    A simple look into this guys past might have saved her the trouble of following intentional misdirections, ie. the stolen MySpace account etc.
    Who even uses MySpace anymore anyways?

    Either she doesn’t know how these psyops really work or she’s just another layer of the psyop herself.


    1. ab Post author

      The author SS was looking into whether JLL was real. She speculated he could have come from a broken home etc. but my thought is KISS – it’s easier to fake the details and perhaps use an actor for the video footage. It’s so much easier to create a simulation than use real people.

      1. Jack33

        My bad Ab.
        It’s just that my fakeologist spidey senses started going haywire with all that talk about stolen MySpace accounts and such.
        Perhaps I pulled the trigger prematurely and should have stuck with it a bit longer.


        1. ab Post author

          I didn’t listen to that part, but as agreeable as Stephanie was, it’s always possible she was tasked with making the official alternative story book. The total media fakery / reality simulation is just never held as the primary alternative story, when I think it should be.

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