Audiochat – Jason Erb

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The and I talk about the week’s (Canadian) events with our fakeologist mindsets.


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3 thoughts on “Audiochat – Jason Erb

  1. richard benedict

    Another great discussion with valuable insights, Ab. For example, Ab mentions that he believes the media is an extension of the military. When you take this perspective and look for evidence, I find it wherever
    I look. Example: Psychological Warfare specialist Major General Edward Lansdale of Vietnam fame, came from the world of advertizing. Huh? How does advertizing qualify you for Air Force Intelligence?…

    Another point Ab mentions that I can not get over, is going back and looking at major media events that I lived through and studied thoroughly and view them through a fakologist lens, e.g. The OJ trial. I distinctly remember following the OJ trial and thinking to myself, none of this makes sense. I stepped back and looked at it andthough “There is something going here but I do not know what” as Ab said “tons of wacky things.” Here are just a few:
    Slow speed chase
    “Kato Kaelin”
    “Three bumps on the wall”
    Hypnotically attractive characters
    The inept Judge Ito and hourglasses everywhere
    Dramatic plot twist CIA rat F. Lee Baily vs. uber handsome Det. Furhman
    Etc. When I look back at everything and think PSYOP, everything falls into place. I had the same experience when looking at the Tate LaBianca murders

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