KHA43-Tall 911 Tales with Rochelle

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July 30, 2015

Guest for the show was Rochelle, as heard on with Chris Kendall. See Rochelle’s youtoob channel  MindMatricks101


But first, Are Real?


Consider this beloved childhood truism: Dinosaurs, both terrifying and wondrous roamed this earth in the ancient past.

Did they really?  Where is the proof?  The proof they say is in the bones.  O.k. show me the bones.

Problem you see, with the bones, you see, is that the timeline doesn’t add up.  We had pictures and giant models of complete skeletons of dinosaurs waaaaaay before we ever had an actual complete skeleton. And by the way, we still have never found a complete dinosaur skeleton, or even anything close to that. Each species of dinosaur is defined by just a few bones such as 1/4 of a jaw bone found in one pile added to some ribs from another. has been in the dino business since it’s inception, just like , no doubt. Some fossils are faked, but some are also real.  What about the real ones?

Think about whales. We find most dinosaur bones in the rocks of ancient sea beds, where whales used to swim.  Dinosaurs have tons of vertebrae, just like whales.  The fossilized giant skull bone parts said to be from dinosaurs also fit nicely on whales. Jungle Surfer does a great job, as usual, of looking at the big picture.

DINOSAURS ARE A HOAX 2 Junglesurfer (This video was just for fun, see part 3)

Dinosaurs didn’t exist 100% proof part 3 by junglesurfer


inside sperm whale headorcaichty


t rex skin

Really, dinosaur skin? Of all the things this could be, assuming this picture is even real, of all the animals that ever existed, consensus among scientists involved is that this had to be a patch of dino skin?


Here is a Clues Forum post that shows this once particular dinosaur looks a lot like a turtle skeleton.

Psittacosaurus Gobiensis versus turtle


Tall 911 Tales with Rochelle

Rochelle joins us for a riveting discussion about 911 survivor stories. We analyze a state sponsored film called : The Tale of the Two Towers. This documentary was released almost exactly 6 months after September 11, 2001.

9/11: The Tale of the Two Towers

Of the few 9/11 survivors, one is the lovely Joanne Capestro. She has an amazing tale to tell that involves people grabbing arms separated from their bodies, seeing a dead couple skewered by beam while grabbing each other in an embrace and having a priest grab her a couple of times.

joan jcwithtand c

Another interesting character is Dave Donovan, who witnessed body parts raining down into the courtyard, plane seats with parts of bodies still in them, and saw a baby squirt out of the mother, only attached by the umbilical chord.



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12 thoughts on “KHA43-Tall 911 Tales with Rochelle

    1. khammad Post author

      Unless Judy Wood’s disintegration ray weapon was used, one would think the one thing to survive a fire would be stones, as in fossilized dinosaur bone rocks.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Talking of disinfo, I thought it was concluded long ago that Jungle Surfer was a garrulous clown ?
        I get slightly perturbed by his videos being posted here on the long-outed truth of dinosaur fakery.

        1. khammad Post author

          Jungle Surfer has an amazing pattern recognition ability as demonstrated in his videos, imho.

          I am having this thought, more and more often, without any evidence, that precisely because Jungle Surfer is so good with patterns that he is targeted by not nice people to go off track in a few different ways. A researcher can constantly be receiving emails and info to research at the request of others. Or others can get the researcher to collaborate on their ideas/audios/roundtables/podcasts/videos, all in an effort to keep the researcher busy on stupid shit.

          Let me correct this previous statement: without any evidence. There is some evidence. A couple years ago a former fakeologist, to remain unnamed, was constantly contacting me on skype trying to get me to do all this weird research because this person really really needed it, and I would be doing this person such a BIG favor. This person kept asking and asking me to do research, and sending me topics. This person kept complimenting me on how smart and knowledgeable I was. Well, ya see, I choose NOT to do any of that research, so finally this person gave up by texting me “my time here is done”.

          Hard sell. That is their technique.

          This idea of targeting the clever ones is not new, and I am not saying I am clever. I only got bombarded by 1 guy. Peekay has a few more around him. In an interview with Peekay on K Ham Radio episode 37 he mentioned that he is kept busy by all the really good emails he gets from people. So busy in fact that he has no time to research the internet himself. He has made several videos with material solely from his emailers. Is it still considered research when there is no research involved? The difficult part here is one may not be aware they have been set up, set up to stop researching. Peekay has made some really great videos. I really enjoy how he calls out all these patterns in the media and elsewhere he sees. Again, he is a great researcher with excellent pattern recognition ability.

          The reason I choose to make this activity public is because of transparency. You all should know how this works so that you can be informed; researchers are bombarded by senseless information in an effort to keep them busy, and away from sensitive topics.

          Hey researchers, if someone out of the blue shows a ton of interest in your work all of a sudden, and gives you the hard sell, consider that you are being set up.

          1. ab

            Interesting post. I have been sidetracked by windows 10 and linux mint. If my posts have slowed, it’s because of this latest diversion.

            I agree that Jungle has a great ability to tackle anything. Don’t see his point many times but enjoy his ramblings none the less.

          2. Tom Dalpra

            Whilst making an interesting observation on what surely goes on, it sounds a bit like you’re making excuses for bad research K ?

            As I say, I think Jungle Surfer is disinfo.

            I read your post and went to his site. I thought, ‘let’s have a look’.
            I chose something big.: The Moon Hoax Nailed Part 1
            It took me 38 seconds to find a strawman.

            Seconds into this, Jungle shows us a split image of a moon print and a view of the soles of an astronauts shoes. He claims it’s obviously the wrong tread.

            The thing is, the astronauts had different footwear for inside and out.
            He shows us the ‘inside’ shoes, not the boots for the moon walk.

            Text book disinfo. He casually chucks in the strawman from the get-go.
            Jungle has ‘Amazing pattern recognition ability’ ? Really ?
            Well I’ve recognised a fairly unamazing pattern to his behaviour and I conclude that he’s full of shite.

            I rest my case.

    2. Jack33

      The dinosaur bones were destroyed as a result of allied bombing against Germany during WWII aye?

      Sounds good to me.

      Things mysteriously and conveniently go missing or get destroyed all the time it would seem.
      There’s nothing unusual about any of it.

      Off the top of my head, here are a few of those things…

      1. Obama’s original birth records.

      2. All original fim footage from the Apollo moon missions (this one kills me!)

      3. Bush’s military records

      4. Any and all CCTV footage from 9 11, Sandy Hook, Aurora shooting.

      5. Emails and evidence pertaining to IRS and Benghazi scandals.

      6. Paintings and sculptures alledgedly stolen by Nazis during WWII.

      7. Al Sharpton’s tax records. (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

      8. All evidence and debris from the demolished World Trade Center complex.

      9. The chief pathologist’s autopsy notes for JFK

      10. JFK’s brain, (postmortem)

      11. ‘Secret files’ containing evidence in the Westminster pedophile scandal.

      See? It happens all the time. It’s perfectly normal.

      Please feel free to expand on this list.***


  1. khammad Post author

    Master of None,

    “It’s so funny and true what you said about our need for stories.” Could this be THE control mechanism vehicle, STORIES?

    I like your celebrity theory, reminds me of my sports theory, they have a similar definition:

    Celebrity Theory: Creates a social bridge for our conversations until we knew each other well enough to talk about each other instead.

    Sports Theory: Creates a social bridge for our conversations until we knew each other well enough to talk about each other instead.


    Sorry about all the audio distortion. Somehow, my mic setting keeps getting reset. I keep the audio at 30 and this day it was set to 70. I need to make a check list and check it before each show. Lesson learned. I uploaded a new mp3 so at least it isn’t so bad.

  2. Master of None


    It’s so funny and true what you said about our need for stories.

    In fact, in 1993 I was living overseas as an exchange student. All the English speakers arrived the same day (and I’ll include the Dutch because their English was impeccable) and had no history with each other.

    Because of this, several people mentioned celebrities conversationally, specifically Burt Retnolds and Lonnie Anderson, who were divorcing and made the cover of People magazine. I remember surprising myself by saying, “well Lonnie does seem like she would be a little hard to live with”. I was surprised because I knew nothing about them in particular and was not interested in celebrities in general.

    I theorized that celebrities had become like extended family and created a social bridge for our conversations until we knew each other well enough to talk about each other instead. I called it my “celebrity theory” and we still laugh about it today.

    1. khammad Post author


      I always felt the researcher Jungle Surfer does general research for the general public and I never assumed he was a high-level type of researcher. Tom, by looking at your consistent and technical posts down in the forums, I believe you are one of the top forum posters at with 32 topics started and 592 forum replies. You are clearly a high-level researcher and the minutia you point out concerning questionable events in your posts is proof of that.

      Try making a video on any one of your topics and the general public would fall asleep before the end of your 5 minute video. This means your research is not meant for the general public but instead for a highly specialized group of researchers.

      Different types of research for different types of audiences. I respectfully disagree about the strawman arguments in the moon hoax video you linked to from Jugle Surfer. I’m going to need to see actual straw-man arguments from Jungle Surfer (so far I have seen none in Jungle Surfer’s video) before I make a conclusion about Jungle Surfer’s intentions as a researcher.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Ok. I’ll try and make this clear.

        35 seconds into Jungle Surfer’s video, Nailing the Moon Hoax part 1, he shows a split screen.
        One half shows a pair of space boots, the other the famous ‘moon boot’ foot-print.

        Jungle surfer claims this is clear evidence of fakery as the tread on the boots doesn’t match the footprint.
        This is rubbish. As I said earlier he was showing the shoes meant for inside the space craft.
        The Moon boots were different.
        It’s fine, you may be able to tolerate that level of rubbish but just tell me that you understand what I’m talking about, first.

        1. Tom Dalpra

          I don’t mean to bust your eggs here K.
          I’ve posted a few times lately on your threads and we’ve been slightly at odds.
          I don’t mean to be. I just say what I see.

          Big love and all that X


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