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  1. UNreal

    history is not written by historians in quest of any truth, but rather it is written and pieced together by the ruling class. our “common” history is a foundational premiss and the prime materia for shaping a populations mind. if the ruling class indeed are mind-manipulating us, they would take great care and consideration in history and the storyline given to past events. if we were to take part in a discussion on 9/11 in a hundred years, we would probably not hear of any no-plane theory and Bin Laden would be the undisputed villain.

    Anatoli Fomenko is todays foremost proponent for the revision of history’s timeline, however other researchers are also making very compelling arguments on apparent false and erroneous dates of major historical events and milestones. mostly, there seems to be a tendency to exaggerate the age and timespan of historical events. this tendency ressembles theories in astronomy where planets and universes seem to grow steadily. these kind of memes tends to minimize our self-image and importance.

    Florin Diacu is the author of the book The Lost Millennium and currently lives in Canada,,, Diacu would be a fine guest for investigating the controversy and cover-up of history ?

    here is a link to his 2006 interview on Red Ice (when Red Ice were still sane,,)

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