Not Gnostic nor Rosicrucian

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I declare that I am neither.

The Truth Movement/conspiracy culture points the finger at secret societies, calling them the enemy. However, the goal of 0;waking up” from the dream of our false reality is shared by both the Truth Movement and the secret societies. Is there anything more going on beyond the obvious irony of this situation? topics include: dreams, waking up, occult, secret societies, Mystery Schools, conspiracy, sensationalism, bad research, reverse psychology, devil, emotion, alchemy, sublimation, initiates, ca

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2 thoughts on “Not Gnostic nor Rosicrucian

  1. khammad

    At 43:30

    Rosicrucian Membership Drive = Alternative Media Story about Rosicrucians.

    All this discussion from the alternative media about secret societies such as the Rosicrucians generates quite a lot of interest and attention about them. Could all this discussion just be a call for members? As in a membership drive?

    Fascinating. When my dad was joining the Eagles, a local fraternal order, there was a membership drive, as in bring-a-friend week and sign them up.

    I often wondered where are the membership drives for the Masons and such. How do they get new members? Perhaps with all the free advertising the alternative media is doing, Masons and other such fraternal orders do not need to have membership drives anymore, they just put out a story in the alternative media and members come to them. The particular fraternal order need only keep the ones they want and discard the rest.

    What is dad’s old order up to these days? Notice in the Eagles membership link, there is a special offer for [people who have a certain type of job.…

  2. derealium

    Pretty good listen, especially for a guy flying solo. I agree with him that “initiates” are in the so-called truth movement and the point of this could be that no publicity is bad publicity. Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion immediately come to mind, and many would think of Alan Watt.

    However, the last time the mainstream “alternative media” or “truther movement”mentioned the mystery schools was..never. Find a single clip of Alex Jones saying “freemason”.

    Do conspiracy “theorists” lack evidence when they point to Bush vs Kerry in the skull’n’bones presidential election? Did Truman, 33rd degree freemason 33rd president allegedly drop the bombs on Japan? Who led the French Revolution? How about how every HOAX is stamped with the occultists favorite numbers and slogans?

    Even participating in a “secret society” says something significant about you, you think you are better than everyone else and need to keep secrets from them. The reality is that you know nothing and are part of a cult, just like everyone else.

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