El Chapo and his tunnels? Mexico’s OBL?

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A family member of mine is fascinated with the level of sophistication of Mexico’s #1 Drug Cartel superstar. Is El Chapo even a real person? Does any part of this story seem real, or is another fascinating piece of fiction bestowing enormous power to a imaginary enemy?

What is the purpose creating imaginary enemies? Is it to obscure the fact that organized enforcement agencies are the real drug runners? Is it to scare the poorly paid Mexican police agencies into compliance?

After Guzman made his getaway from Mexico’s Altiplano prison over the weekend, authorities say they made a shocking find underground: a lighted and ventilated tunnel, replete with tracks and a modified motorcycle inside.The tunnel, Mexican National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido said Sunday, began with a 50 x 50 centimeter (20 x 20 inch) opening inside the shower of Guzman’s cell that connected to a vertical passageway going about 10 meters (33 feet) underground.

Source: El Chapo’s prison escape route builds on tunnel legacy – CNN.com


These sophisticated tunnel makers remind me of another sophisticated cave dweller.


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2 thoughts on “El Chapo and his tunnels? Mexico’s OBL?

  1. UNreal

    whenever i see these type of “schematics”, i’m reminded of St Exupéry’s Little Prince,,,


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